I’m sharing more resources on how to achieve a high paying work at home job. You can work from home in 2019. It is more that possible to make money online, be your own boss, create a home business, and live your best life. Now more than ever, its time to create your own opportunities and extra streams of income.

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jia. Hubby’s name is Charles. Our little ones are Zara (6) and Ava (4). If you need motivation on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and just getting it done, you are in the right place. This is Real life. Real messes. Real moments. And Real love. Did I mention, I love to shop. So tons of Shop with me’s, Costco hauls, and much more. Of course on a budget, because we live a debt free life. If you need help with that, we talk about that too! As a working mom, I share what works for us. I hope to inspire, encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!
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Lenora Dorsey says:

I signed up for the Virtual Assistant course several months ago. It is really good.

Twinkle Patterson says:

I am interested making a YouTube channel

Neeraj Tomar says:


awesome site for work from home.

need facebook acoount to registe and paypal account to get paid

get paid weekly

100 % legit site

Day to Day Johnsons says:

Yes to every video suggestion!! Lol we would appreciate the jewels Jia!❤️

Lady Gray says:

Yes very interested in the analytics of YT. Please share 😃

Courtnisswonderness says:

Love you and appreciate these videos. I need to find a sustainable income from home due to not having a sitter for my (soon to be 2) little ones. I don't see the point in working to pay someone to watch my children. I would so much rather be home with them. I've seriously considered YouTube and would love a video on how to start, build and grow on this platform. I've started blogging but am still trying to find a rhythm in posting and uploading. I love you videos cant wait for Sunday!

GetFitWith AmandaNicole says:

Please do the video regarding you tube. Thanks Jia

ThePeAcHyK says:

Please have susie on your channel!

ThePeAcHyK says:

thanks! love this topic

alyce roman says:

🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️Debt Free Friday Time!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Cara Walker says:

Thank you so much… I needed that. I work part-time just to be available for my children and husband. My husband works full time nights. The struggle is real. I like the virtual admin assistant idea you were talking about. I use to be a School Secretary years ago until I got married. Sometimes I feel like my Associates Degree in Electronics doesn't mean anything now days, because if u don't have a Bachelor's or more it's really looked frowned upon. That's how I feel here. Anyway keep bringing those tips I truly enjoy them. Sending love from Ohio 😁

1sttimemom76 says:

Yes Please talk about youtube!

Cathy Joiner says:

Yes do a video about making money on YouTube!

Nanette P says:

I would be interested to know about vlogging on YouTube

Beach Lover says:

Jia. I love your Debt free Friday! That is how I found you and while I love your other videos (like organizing!!!) this content is unique to what else I find. Thanks for the great info! Definitely going to look into your suggestions!

Kx says:

yessss dept free friday! your videos are great, thanks for this

Priscilla Oquendo says:

Thanks so much for the information!!! I am taking crazy action and can still do more to kill it❤️!!! Your the best! ❤️❤️😍

Fun Cooking and More says:

I’m definitely interested in business analytic. Can you do a video on how your day to day being a business analytic?

Nikki Koz says:

I am really good at proof reading but my background is social work. Seriously considering Lydia's course. I love your debt free Friday videos

Tasha Randolph says:

I love mathematics 🧮 would love to learn how to do bookkeeping and starting a YouTube channel but need help learning what to do

DearMe1981 says:

I've been interested in starting a payroll company. Any tips?

Debbie Fisher says:

I'm interested in everything you said!

Thelma Zinnah says:

Thanks for the lovely ideas on great works from home jobs👍🤑

marissa hawkes says:

Would love to hear your thoughts on YouTube! 😘

Academy says:

I love your positivity! I can vouch for the fact that even CPAs can hit a glass ceiling or be relegated to the mommy track. In some companies it can be so glaringly obvious that those who know the score from the game last night will get ahead and the women will be treated condescendingly even with killer performance. I'd love to figure out the whole consulting thing. It can be scary to step away from the comfort of a J-O-B. Keep up the great work. You're a real role model.

Johnna Cox says:

I have dreams about starting an Etsy shop!!! Just gotta figure out what I would sell😂

Mima Zepeda says:

I have commented many times with hustles I've done, I never wanted to be my own boss but I've always love the hustle, I feel like I'm gifted with the hustle and the eye to make money anywhere. I've started by taking a public library camera to take senior pictures and professional profile pictures to cleaning sneakers for sneaker heads to buying a lot of cheap vintage furniture and do a pop up rental for wedding using the furniture. I have less than $6,000 in debt and paying my way through college and just bought my first place last year. Trust me there is always ways to make money, I dont care how many times I "fail" bc then I dont regret it. And when I'm super busy with everything I thank God for the work and ask for more. I think of it as I want God to know I'm using all the talents he gave me.

honeydew gem says:

I have a blog but its been inactive for a while. Going to challenge myself to start blogging again maybe once every month to start.!!

Erika Collins says:

Yes! VERY interested in more videos on You Tube!

lindsey blair says:

Yes YouTube information would be great!

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