💵How I Make Money as A STAY AT HOME MOM💵

💵How I Make Money as A STAY AT HOME MOM💵

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Janelle Moylan says:

Just made one thanks to you! User name is arieelena! Love that we can sell kids clothes too!

Cataline Ramos says:

It’s easier to sell on Mercari in my opinion I have sold a lot of sons clothes thru there and perfumes and colognes just by using for a month

nicolepapole says:

Perfect timing. I need to do this. I just sorted through a bunch of stuff today.

The Donnellans says:

There is so many things we can do these days to earn some money while being at home, it so good for us sahm!

The B Family says:

Omg u look like a different person with ur hair up

Jacqueline Marrero says:

Love this video. Love the topic and tips

Hannah Lund says:

Her smile at the beginning is just so adorable 😍

Kathryn Horton says:

Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love Poshmark!! My closet is khorton1009 😊 💕

lorenraquel1 says:

Yessss I love poshmark my closet is @Lo_rc I sell lots of clothes my daughter has outgrown its awesome

Laura Del Real says:

Love your vids

My Life as a Mommy says:

You put out the best videos!!! Thank you 😊😬❤️❤️❤️

Yamar Blackburn says:

Thank you for sharing this I plan to use it

Michaela Penna says:

awesome! my closet is mgpenna =]

Tanya Herron says:

Did you get a new camera? This video looks so clear for some reason, lol! Thanks for the video I love selling my old items, I have sold a lot through Facebook as well!

chainsaw39 says:

If you actually want to make money as someone qho stays at home you shold lock up in passive income investments .
Before you stary saying that you dont have money to invest ,you dont need a lot of money to stary off ,and you might not need to invest any money at the start ,just time if you want to start off with things like :making an online guide for something that your an expert at (if you claim that your not an expert at anything ,you can become one by reading around 3 bool on the topic),or writing an online book and selling it on amazon kindle (you can also highre ghostwriters to write bools for you) ,or make a youtube channel(even tho youtube is not exactly passive ,becouse you have to consistently upload to make money)

Renzee White says:

When the twins get older can you do a what a vegan twin eats in a day btw great video

SilkSatin Paradise says:

Excellent video. Very informative. Thank you very much!

That Vegan Mom says:

Hope you all get a chance to check out the app and don’t forget to comment below your CLOSET, that way I can follow you back! 😏😍💕 Have a great weekend, and happy poshing !! 💜

I’m a cactus says:

This is so cute❤️

La Belle Bélière says:

And my closet name is feisty_aries21.

Emilee Pyrtle says:

youre so pretty omg

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