$10,000+ Profit In My First 3 Days Into Affiliate Marketing with PROOF!

$10,000+ Profit In My First 3 Days Into Affiliate Marketing with PROOF!

Complete AMAZON FBA Ninja Course

How To Find Home Run Products

Ultimate PPC Module

In this video I document the start of my affiliate marketing journey and announce the winners of my Amazon listing optimization challenge. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some money if you have the right strategy.

Over the next 30 days I will be taking courses, networking and soaking up as much information as possible to help you guys be great at affiliate marketing.

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Blast IT! Local says:

What Camera are you using? looks good

MarkHimself says:

Wohooo?? I won

Merbzi says:

New sub, wassup?

Em's Place says:

Great video James! I'm trying to get one up as well!

Cody Harris says:

Did you use broad, phrase, or exact match type when switching to manual campaign?

Latrinia Elliott says:

Are you using the microphone that's within the camera or a separate mic?

Latrinia Elliott says:

James this new camera has your skin glowing! I need this camera in my life. Awesome videos. Following your journey as I start my own.

Dj Tyson sherif cnx says:

Great being a part of this, and would like to thank you for your honest insights and knowledge.
I'd happily join a course from you if you ever decide to one, both fba and affiliate marketing . please sign me up!! I feel restricted and shackled as to where to begin.

Emmanuel Fabian says:

who is the guy on fiverr that made your pictures?

Nortex Newberry says:

well maybe next time ill win something lol

Jonnathan R says:

Jon or Jonnathan lol ?

Tiff L says:

James you've literally motivated me so much. I am already an extremely motivated person but something about your videos is just so genuine and I respect it. Thanks for sharing so much value.

Maverick Mark says:

HEY BIG JB! Are u getting affiliates outside of your subs?

Isaac Martinez says:

What course is it that you're taking

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