$2200+ PER WEEK – Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Case Study (Passive Income)

$2200+ PER WEEK – Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Case Study (Passive Income)

Hey ninjas! Please read…
Here’s the direct link to my case study to learn more – https://amninjas.com/affiliate-niche-site-case-study/

If you want to join the AM Ninjas group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amninjas/

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WordPress Themes I recommend:
GeneratePress (Premium is $29)
Newspaper theme
Olsen Light

Anything that’s responsive and clean.

Some plugins I use:
Shortcodes Ultimate (one of my favs)
Yoast SEO
Wordfence security
Pretty Links
Custom Sidebars
Q2W3 Fixed Widget
All In One Schema Rich Snippets
Optin Forms
Ninja Popups

Hosting I recommend:
SiteGround: https://www.siteground.com/go/halfprice (BEST)
Bluehost: https://www.bluehost.com/track/cheapestdeal

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Raghavendra Badiger says:

motivated by this video. JOINED yOUR FACEBOOK GROUP. accept me.

Angad Kapoor says:

your niche site case study has really motivated a lot of people to start affiliate marketing .
I also started after you showed it's possible and I believe in myself now that I can rank my site 🙂

Thang Tu says:

Thanks Wazza for always delivering valuable content!

Affiliate Marketing Journey says:

Awesome stuff Warren… how many review articles and support articles in total does the website have at the time of this video recording? I read the case case study on your site and showed that you had a total of 6 reviews and 9 support articles for a total of 15 articles when you started… how many reviews and support articles do you have on the site now? Thanks again… This has inspired me to start a case study of my own which I'll be starting and documenting on my channel for the next 60 days starting tomorrow June 1st.

Mehdi Momo says:

Warren you can use https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/a-random-number/ to have a random number show up (like 120 people have used this coupon…)

Steve McNeill says:

Great video, great value!

Instant Social Growth says:

Thanks for the content brother. Made my first bucks on clickbank last month cuz of Frank and you.

Paul P says:

Nice work !

How did you find the right product to target : is it one with a lot of SEO competition on it ?
You are probably targeting a keyword that has a lot of traffic to get such returns. How can you rank so fast ? Any black hat technique ?

Daniel Douglas says:

Great stuff mate.
Defo keen to see you monetise this site with paid traffic and banners, as you mentioned in the blog case study.
This is a much more interesting approach to making websites for me, compared to Authority site.
Keep em coming buddy.

d Kard says:

This awesome case study Warren thanks for sharing.

radicalkills says:

Wazza you're the Don my man. I sincerely thank you for these vidoes you don't have to make them, yet you take time out of your day to help others. Love you brother!

Mark Fanning says:

Fantastic update Wazza, you must be chuffed to bits with the way the site is going and how much it's making. Do you intend to grow it further then sell at a particular income level? What sort of money would it go for now and how much would you like to get for it in the future, assuming you wanted to sell it anyway?

NewPictureToSee says:

Love your Content Keep going ,, is there any chance to help me with some articles i have like 3-5 articles and i need someone tell me which is better for reading and conversions ,, if you dont mind!

Ngoc Hiep Dinh says:

Warren da man

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