3 FAVOURITE Productivity Apps + Tips on Working From Home

3 FAVOURITE Productivity Apps + Tips on Working From Home

8 years ago I made the leap from working full time at an advertising agency, to freelancing and working from home. Today I am sharing some tips on how to work successfully from home and my top 3 favourite productivity apps.

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5 Favourite Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without:

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Becki and Chris says:

Tell us your favourite productivity apps!

xGiGsh says:

Sleep well+Think positively=productive day

CriscoLloyd says:

Great tips, Becki!

AronBagel says:

I actually paused the video to sign up for the Facebook group, so that should be fun! Staying productive is something I often struggle with, so thanks for the tips! 🙂

BillyandPatVlog says:

I love Toggl! It's so easy to use and totally helpful. I use Any.do or a good ol' fashioned notebook to keep my to-do list. Also, can't wait to see the new office space! – Pat

The Patels says:

Hold on I am 1:15 in the video and did I just see Becki & Chris Merch? Oh so excited. Please tell me Merch is coming. 😡

Read Castor says:

You guys are so underrated and deserve a lot more followers for all the hard work you each put in!

Christian Becerra says:

Love your videos guys! Keep it up. Cheers from San Francisco!

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