48 hrs VLOG: Stay at home mom: Shopping, Cooking, Classes!

48 hrs VLOG: Stay at home mom: Shopping, Cooking, Classes!

Come see 48 hours in the life of a stay at home mom, homeschoolers, of three kids under 6. I go shopping, cook, take kids to classes, Montessori activities at home and talk to you about routine life as a stay at home mom!

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Joy Ferrell says:

I just love your videos Jady! I'm a wife of a solider and with moving around every few years, it's very hard to meet families and have friends! However, I try my best to make friends bc it helps so much! I just had a baby and I'm so glad I have a friend who comes over with her toddler and my oldest plays with her! You also inspire me to homeschool! I'm doing a lot of the exercises with my toddler that you done with your little one! Love your vlog videos and how real they are!

Lisé Galezo says:

Very encouraging! Thank you. God bless

J SalMoh says:

Thank You for being real! ☺

Luz Angela Urrego says:

Eres increíble! Me retas!

kiara taylor says:

Lol "The stay at home moms that stays home with her kids and never talks to anyone." Hahaha that's me! Lol but I'm getting better 🙂

Luz Posada says:

you have the inspot!!!! I want one, ,,pls do more recipes

Mary Jo says:

Love everything about this video! You should do one every quarter as a refresher!

Krystal Bohaker says:

your channel adds so much to my day! I get so excited everytime I get a notification of a new video! thank you for being so real…its so hard to find in this world anymore. keep the videos coming!!!!

Marakisiya Ado Muhammad says:

I love your videos, Jady please can i have ur email i need advice on how to start homeschooling my 2 years old daughter. thank you

Kelsey Williams says:

We have some great library programs too! Free Mother Goose singing and stories, 1 quiet story time, 1 loud story time, building and crafts, it's great!

Cassandra Frazier says:

You keep it real which is why your channel is the only one I follow consistently. Others are either too staged & perfect or they look like a trainwreck (no self care). I've received a lot of practical hs & housekeeping tips from you that have brought more creativity & organization to my home. Keep em coming!

WESPROUT West End Sprout says:

Oh my goodness tan bellas, I hope you all have a wonderful party tomorrow! <3

Rentia Smal says:

Here's my question, you always come across incredibly strong, composed and in control. That must be so comforting to your husband and children. But how on earth do you do that? Some days I'm really motivated to give it my best, other days I just can't find any rhythm and feel totally overwhelmed. With a toddler and newborn, the latter is not good!

Le Joy says:

Love you Jady. You always inspire me. Going to the dollar tree in a couple hours to put together some sensory bins thanks to your previous videos on them 🙂

Amanii Roy says:

thanks for being so transparent! This was awesome and I'm sure a lot of mama's appreciate your endurance and your honesty being a homemaker! Keep making videos?God bless you

Elizabeth Manning says:

Your channel gives me life. I got up this morning and did so much more with my morning than I ever do. And I've been praying for God to show me how to be a better wife and mom and then I find your page. My husband was looking at me crazy with my change of additude and energy level. Please keep doing what you are doing making videos. You are a blessing to my life, your on my thankful list today.

Rentia Smal says:

Oh Jady, I love you. Thanks for being the real deal.

Terri Chalnick says:

Jady, i was so happy to see your new video!! love them, love them!!! i don't watch a lot of youtubers but you are definitely my favorite! thank you for continuing with the videos!! i have not watched it yet! will watch later when i have time!

irivictorymilled says:

I love it!!

Michelle Tumburu says:

Love that you showed that the dishes weren't done. Nice to know everyone is human!

Please do some videos or tutorials on potty training. I have a two year old in cloth diapers still. Would love to hear about your advice and experience with potty training.

Thanks for sharing your purchases! Nice to see some other resources out there.

Qadarah Israel says:

How does you husband feel about you homeschooling? did he take convincing? does he teach any subjects? does he read to them or take them places by himself?

Yarelis Reyes says:

is nice montessori box but is to expensive.

Qadarah Israel says:

This is an amazing video! I noticed your children were eating from "adult" bowls and spoons. Do you use children plates and cups? Thank in advance for answering this.

Odeleya Israel says:

I enjoyed watching I also homeschool my 5 children and I have a 11 month old I have learned a lot from watching you

Myrna Orellana says:

You are so funny…I love these videos…estoy loca por inscribir a mi niño en clases de natación. He buscado muchos de los libros de home school que has recomendado gracias

Nordica Nordi says:

You are amazing. I have learned so much tools to use from you to inspire my little one. Thanks you very much.

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