Stay At Home Mom Burnout happens to all of us SAHMs! Doing the same things over and over (even if it is with the most precious people in the world) can get a little redundant from time to time. Today I have 6 tips for help stay at home moms from preventing sahm burnout! I hope you all find these tips helpful and don’t forget to leave your own down in the comment section!

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SimpleHealthyLiving says:

Do you plan to homeschool when they are in K-12?

Megan McCune says:

How about 6 month old twins and a 6 and 8 year old?! Is there really a cure for that?! Lol!


Great video Meg. You are BLESSING so many moms by sharing your heart! Also, your outfit is really pretty! Have a great week love!

I'mBatmanHI says:

those are amazing earrings meg

Samantha Lanigan says:

This has to be my favorite intro so far lol I love your shirt!

Jessica Rivera says:

Great tips thanks so much! I have two kids under two! And these tips will deffinitely help ❤

Emily Gatzke says:

I’m not a Mom yet, but these are great tips for the future ??. I love that you post on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, it makes those days not so “Monday and Tuesdayish” ? and inspires me for the week. I just love you girl! Thank you for all your hard work! You are honestly a huge part of the reason that I decided to start making lifestyle videos and not just music videos?. Also, that shirt is so cute!

Eden At Home says:

I love been stay at home mom. I don’t like Women telling me why don’t you work? Omg i hate that ! I am sure almost all of us asked this annoying question by fellow women! Sahm is so much work with out pay! I wouldn’t trade this blessing , raising my kids at home to anything else! I have seen some moms have some issues you mention today, glad you touch on it! Good video Meg! ?

Amanda Korsrud says:

Great ideas, Meg! Yes to a routine! When I had 3 kids, aged 3 and under, the days seemed more manageable when I always knew what was coming next and functioned in 2 hr blocks of time. Yes to simple things like walks. What seems mundain to us is sooo fun for kids. Dancing around the livingroom to favorite music, simple crafts, lunch themes, scavenger hunts get you thru the day. We even did "beach day" in the winter where we put on bathingsuits, laid on towels and pretented to be at the beach. If it was raining hard all day, pick up toy boats at the dollar store, fill the tub and let the kids play in the tub. WHATEVER it takes to creatively kill an hour or 2!! Go to the library EVERY week even if you haven't read the bks from the week before. Try and join a church or community center "mom and child" group. These are usually inexpensive. Swap kids once a week for 2 hrs, so you and another mom get 2 hrs each free, to go for a walk, have time alone, clean, run errands, whatever. Don't just let the days happen and get depressed. Create a plan and be proactive. Things will go better, for sure.❤

Marissa Sharp says:

Meg, this is so true! My boys are now 10, 8, and 4, but it was so much harder when they were younger. My first husband did not help out at all and was always angry at us, so I had to find ways to deal without him. "Me time" was non-existent because of him never helping. So you're right. Having your hubby help is a big plus. My new hubby is definitely an answer to my prayers and makes life so much more enjoyable! Also, new sahms, when I did actually get out and connect with other sahms, even just going to the library for story time, that kept me from feeling isolated and having adult conversation was so nice! Don't let anyone guilt you for taking time for yourself. If you don't, you WILL NOT be able to take care of your family. I now know how important that is. And have a good friend who's shoulder you can cry on…and eat chocolate with, lol! Blessings to all of you out there! God is Good!

Anja Merle Schulz says:

it's so funny bc the way I get out of the house when I don't work is by getting groceries. I don't do one large grocery trip a week, I split it up so I have a reason to get out.

Another one for me is going back to bed when my son is in school. I don't do this very often, but about once a month I am soooo tired that I just need to get some undisturbed rest ?

Ashley Chapman says:

OMG girl, I have working mom burn-out, lol…

Love your videos!

Sarah Talley says:

Thank you so much for making this video! I really needed to be reminded of this! I have a 2 1/2 year old and an almost 3 month old so I've felt kinda burnt out lately. Definitely gonna use these tips!

Denisa Rosca says:

I like your hair !!!!

Beauty Baked says:

Great tips! And I love your shirt! So cute! ? Where'd you get it?

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