8 Money Saving Tips When Living on One Income: Stay at Home Moms

8 Money Saving Tips When Living on One Income: Stay at Home Moms

Here 8 important tips that help us live on one income so that I can stay home to raise our children. These money saving tips will not only help us Stay at Home Moms but also help other save money and cut down monthly spending.

0:50 1. Sacrifice
2:59 2. Groceries
5:19 3. Skip Cooking Dinner – Part1
6:26 3. Don’t Stock up on Food – Part2
7:22 4. Breast Feed
8:24 5. Have Side Jobs
9:33 6. Buy Used Cars
9:59 7. Take Hand Me Downs
11:15 8. Limit Kid Activities

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Hannah Kitchens says:

Love this video! First time viewer and now subscriber. ❤️

Trish Scott says:

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Jenna K. says:

First thing I thought when she started talking is "WOW SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL." Like wow!!!!! And love the video too ❤️

Copernicia Alba says:

You also remember material things when you grow up. But the other is more important, nurturing.

Introspective Existentialist says:

right off the bat I have a hard time relating to you because you're dissing on Burlington Coat Factory and I consider that to be nice clothes compared to what I've had to buy before. so there's that

katharine edwards says:

omg yes I tried this. I cooked twice this week and we ate cereal, breakfast, sandwich etc… my fridge is nearly bare and so is my pantry. but the kids don't complain and I don't mind either plus my hubby loves breakfast!

katharine edwards says:

I don't like aldi. ours is nasty but I heard other Aldi stores are nicer. if I could find it I would shop there.

Mahali Selepe says:

New subbie here ??. So glad I've discovered you! Ur such an inspiration. Your story of the car got me tearing up… God bless you dear!!

romelen pabonita says:

please make more videos 🙂

Sonia Subba says:

You are so real!!! Loved your video and subscribed too.

Cynthia Saikaly says:

Can You help us with dinner ideas on a budget

Cynthia Saikaly says:

Love it. We stopped cable for 3 years now… we just do Hulu and Netflix's and amazon video

ModelDoctor says:

Waw staying at home mum what a nice 'career'! Keep sacrificing and depending on your husband for him to give you your pocket money for you to replace your veneers and then when you get older and find  a younger chick and your kids grow up and move out with their lives then you will have your middle finger to sit on! Stupid naïve women what a shame…

selenia carrico says:

I think you should always buy in bulk especially if you can get it all on sale and then make freezer meals. My family lives off of one income and I also coupon I don't buy anything that I can get a coupon for and that includes coupons for clothes as well. Their are coupons for everything even for car batteries so if the grocery store is having a big sale then you should always buy more than you need and break it down into individual meals for your family. Make ahead freezer meals are the way to go and yes they can be very healthy.

BigD Travels says:

Nice video, after seeing this I've decided I don't want kids.  I want to live life, not have it sucked out of me.  Thanks a bunch!

Tony Johnson says:

100% organic for me, even when I was on unemployment, I will not cut corners there, ALDI is starting to get organic, but BIG Lots has organics. PS Unrelated-turn off your wifi harmful to children, causes permanent learning disabilities, causes sleep pattern problems, turn it off and help your family and neighbors be healthier. Peace

Payton Mitchell says:

My husband and I always talk about the name Lennox for if we ever have a daughter. I have never heard anybody use it so I was so excited to hear you say that! Haha?

Jamie Gonzalez says:

Great tips! I've been a stay at home mom for 11 years and and I have followed all these tips you speak about. Great video!!! We homeschool too 🙂

Jenny Garcia says:

Yes God always provides. Some people call me cheap, for being frugal, simple.

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