A Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home-Mom of Three Boys

A Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home-Mom of Three Boys

Just another day in my life as a stay-at-home mom of three boys. Its exhausting…but I love it.

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Lisa Snails says:

We would still watch even if u were just sit on ur rocking chair breastfeeding for an hour str8 n it would still be entertaining! ( not in a creepy way 😂😂) cuz its real life. Id rather watch a real life vlog than all of these other fake ungenuine utubers ( who are now crying about how theyre losing viewers n subs by the thousands lemme just add) that don't come out so real and do stupid stuff for the views. They dont seem to understand wat vlogging means. They treat it like an acting audition or something and turns ppl off. Watching u is entertaining no matter wat u do cuz ur a real life vlogger and ur edits are funny af! Esp with ur 3 cute baby cubs running around! This is why we love and enjoy ur vids! Its why i do anyway. And yes BoBo my dad works and hes a contracter of some sort. I dont live with them anymore but i do love to visit. I love n miss them so much 💝💝 but i had to spread my little wings and fly off the nest lol.

Zen Chini Vlogs says:

I just love your vlogs! It's preparing me mentally for the newborn stage in a few months now lol. Hope you have a great day! ❤💙❤

Paty Alava says:

Aww when Beau said I love you mommy, so sweet…when I ask my husband at night what was his favorite part of the day he says when he comes home from work 😁

Jamie Rush says:

Your kids are the cutest…I miss the pah from Beau lol

Morin-Cull Family says:

Get the vacuum cleaner app!!! It saved me so many times!! It's just called vacuum noise.

Marcela Mo says:

right Beau, you’re very lucky to have a working smart dad, some dads are bad and lazy and mommies have to divorced them..

Joanne Prince says:


Lil Lily says:

Awww Beau😍💕

Stephanie Camplin says:

OMGoodness Such A Sweet Vlog! And Kai's Facials I Can't Even lol And Pax With His Little Rolls Are Fabulous!

Liz Hill says:

You poor thing!! I hope bub settles down soon. My little boy didnt sleep either. Just wanted to feed 24/7. I am 5 months pregnant and by the way this one is kicking im guessing he will be the same!! Hang in there u r doing a great job!!

a soto says:

love u guys!

sweetsarahstr84 says:

How does he sleep? My son hated being flat and used a rock n play and then my second woke up every 1-2 for 2 weeks so I tried taking her put of the rock n play and laid her flat in a bassinet and she slept for 4-6 hours from then on… just a thought 🙂

Ann Whelan says:

You are so real. And I love it. 👍🏻

Natalie Bätz says:

Every mother is a hero!!!

Jessica Gomez says:

You guys are still in jackets and hoodies while in Alabama it's 95 degrees. Happy Belated Mother's Day.

Little Reader says:

"My kids are just pukers" Loooool, Kai running melted my heart sooo bad <3

FluffyChew says:

now i want some pickles…

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