A Message That Will Move Stay At Home Moms To Tears

A Message That Will Move Stay At Home Moms To Tears

It’s about time they hear someone say what needs to be said.



Stephanie Davis says:

Good Morning, Kevin!!! So True!!! God Bless You!!!

Pinky Blessed says:

We are empty nesters now. Parents to one child. I stayed home with her & then homeschooled her. It was funny, but as soon as people found out I was staying home with our child our phone rang off the wall! People wanted to know if I would keep their kids while they worked. At first, I was torn. I wanted to help out, but then I would be reminded that I made the choice to stay home with OUR daughter, not their children. When she was 3 1/2yo a friend’s babysitter was needing maternity leave & she asked if we would watch her son for about 6 weeks. We agreed. Well, 6 weeks turned into 3 months & 3 months turned into 3 years. Ha! We wouldn’t give him up until he started kindergarten. I am so thankful for those years before he came & those years that he was there. It was the perfect timing. Our family is closer than most I believe because we invested in our daughter & our family. My husband was home each evening by 5:15pm for dinner together – without TV – @ 5:30pm. A lot of life lessons where learned around that table – for all of us. Being the parent of one child – though not our choice – was wonderful, but I received a lot of insensitive comments about our situation. “When are you having another?” “Well, you don’t understand because you only have one child.” “You can always be on time because you only have one child.” One time a guest in our home, a mother of 5 kiddos, commented on how pretty our home was & how, as long as she had kids at home, she could never have nice things… I took a deep breathe & gentle said, “You know. You have the greater treasure. What I wouldn’t give up to have more children.” Being a sensitive person, she apologized & agreed. She needed a perspective adjust. Our home is modest, but it is filled with love & acceptance. We have a friend that lives in a 6,000sqft home – that my husband built – and each time he comes over he asks, “Why does your house feel more like a home?” Mmm… My husband, sweet man, always points to me & tells him that would be my influence. Ahh… Our daughter’s friends always enjoyed coming to our home, too. I allowed them to make messes, get out every sheet or blanket for inside forts or play in the sprinklers all day. I knew that this was a short season of life. It would be over so soon. I have no regrets of leaving my job for my calling.💕 I just wish other people valued their children & their childhoods more. I mean no judgement, especially on widows. Whew. What a tough row to hoe.

linda dale says:

What about the mum's that have no choice but work, then come home and do all the house work and feed kids-do the shopping-washing and the list goes on. They need a medal.

crystal filipkowski says:

Thank you i often feel like a bum I decided to raise my 3 kids now I’m 40 separated and depended on my husband . Its been rough trying to get to work dealing w a lot .i have soo much to do not enough time to do everything but i make sure my kids going to the park or taking them with friends places comes before some housework . Slowly it gets done but the kids are happy . I just don’t have enough time to be perfect. Its a lot of pressure . I just make sure THEY R ALWAYS FIRST

Allison Ferris says:

26 yrs I was a stay at home mum to seven kids. I got comments a lot. From parents at the school. I just ignored them. I didn't care as I thought I was lucky to be able to stay home with them. It was so much fun. I got just as many rude comments for having seven kids. I had four boys then three girls. By the fifth which was a girl, a woman said I can stop having kids now I have a girl 😕 having said that it's a lot harder to get a job now when you've only been a stay at home mum.

San D says:

Salute to all the stay-at-home Moms(Dads) and Grandparents(can't forget there's a lot of those too). Children are our most vital asset and that you choose to stay and nurture them… consider yourself doubly blessed in today's economy if you can afford to do so. If not, maybe search for a stay at home job. Those are more readily available now too.

Mary Warner says:

Thank you!!! I was a stay at home mom and dont regret it! My daughter is a stay at home mom too she is a teacher and could make some good money but she has chose to even home school her 4 boys! The school was just not meeting the needs of her special needs child and she knew she could since worked in that area when she was employed by the school district! Thank you for the support!!!!

Carolyn M Scotti says:

God bless stay at home moms, they are always there for their children. Could it be, some children are messed up today, because not enough Mother’s took the responsibility of raising their children? Also too many in the women’s movement, thought women biggest concern, was to have a career and compete with the man of the house. If you notice, lately they are saying, men don’t count, it’s all about women. Wakeup ladies, you are letting these Women Right Movements, destroy God’s intention foe a family. Also look at advertising, do we really need all these things to make our life more comfortable? Is having to keep up with our neighbors more important than being available to our children? Prices for everything is so high today, that many women are forced to work outside the house.It seems everything today, forces women away from being stay at home mom’s, even other women., who are also out to destroy God’s Family. Think about it ladies,

Suzanne Walsh says:

Women, torn between the expectation of having to work as though they don't have children, and raise their children as though they don't have a job. Where as what is forgotten is that a man used to be paid enough money that a woman did not HAVE to work to supplement HIS wages to make ends meet. Now, if as a Mum you choose to go out to work, cool, good luck to you for doing that, but just as you shouldn't be judged for paying someone else to have to partly raise your kids for you whilst you do that, if you don't have the fortune of family to help, nor should anyone judge the woman that wants to stay at home and raise her own children. It's a very screwed up society that has been created where it's seen as a weakness for bringing up your own children full time. Let's not forget that in some house holds there is also now a role reversal too. I have friends where it's more beneficial financially for Mum to go to work whilst Dad stays at home to look after the kids. This is also judged. Wouldn't it be a better would if we all just did what is better for our own circumstances, but supported each other through their choices too?

Vaughn Billy says:

Great story and how true I was,,thanks

Growing up Maine says:

Thank you so much for this I'm the stay at home mom of 4 beautiful children under the age of 11. I think the worst comment i've gotten has actually come from family that says "well you don't do anything all day you just get to sit at home" I don't think they get how much overwhelming work it is to raise 4 kids. I am always on the go I drive to and from the school 3 times a day as well as drive them all around to after school activities, I clean the house top to bottom every single day, I cook 3 meals a day, the laundry alone for a family of 6 is crazy. sometimes there is no break I can tell you I had to stop this video 4 times before I finished it because someone needed me and that sometimes goes right into the night. So thank you so much for putting one up for the stay at home mom's who are still working even though we don't get paid. It's the best job in the world there is nothing i've ever wanted to do except raise kids so i'm living the dream i'm beyond blessed that with every childhood memory my kids have i'll be able to play a part in them and because of that no comment people make ever makes me feel bad.

Jackie Hensley says:

Thank you I stay at mom with special needs sons

raindrops Fukashemia flavored says:

I've never heard that story but wow… Great great story!! Have a wonderful day💝

MOM OF SIX says:

Thank you for this video. I'm a stay at home mom. I was always very grateful to be able to do this. Now all my kids r in school and I feel like I have no purpose in life anymore. I feel so lost.

Cindy DeMarche says:

Thank you for the crayon! ♥️🙏🏼♥️👍🏻

Jo H says:

Blessed stay at home mom here. For so many years I felt Shame for Wanting this job. The shame is gone thank God.

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