Affiliate Marketing 2018… What The Affiliate Millionaire Club Knows That You Don’t…

Affiliate Marketing 2018… What The Affiliate Millionaire Club Knows That You Don’t…

in this live stream marcus will show you what you need to stay ahead of the affiliate marketing curve in 2018… get in on this… learn these skills and you can profit bigtime…

we will talk about how seo is changing in 2018
how video marketing will change the way business is done online
what mobile marketing has to do with online sales
and how amazons success could help you see a big trend in 2018



TEXAS Avalanche says:

"This is what I've been doing for 2000yrs." LOL

Ms. Molly E says:

I am new to the internet marketing game.  I want to learn so much!  Total beginner!  I like your channel!  Thanks Marcus!

Franki Hauser says:

I think Marcus REALLY DOES UNDERSTAND the internet marketing game! He is also an excellent teacher. Looking forward to being able to pay off enough debt with my social security check to go back into debt to actually interact with him! I'm part of that 60% of the American population that would be devastated if I experienced a $500 EMERGENCY! That's a pretty hefty market (195,884,407 people) that nobody wants to be bothered with.

david kln says:

Thank you Marcus for inspiration!

George Xanthopoulos says:

Marcus, Looking on your messy Black, out of the past, board makes me wonder why a brilliant mind like yours allow this major training session to be distracted by such a disruptive visual effect, it does not enhance your delivery, stay with the new clean White eraser board, we all need that. Thank you

yellow6100 says:

I dont know if you read the comments but do you have a schedule for live streams ? Id like to tune in and Im sure many others are in same situation of not knowing when in time

John E. Badoyen says:

total beginner

John E. Badoyen says:

loud and clear

D-Train's Bunk says:

Good content. But Trump paid his father back the One million dollars. I'd rather not have the UN, YouTube and these other people who hate our country control the internet. It's not perfect, but Obama was and still is a NIGHTMARE.

Affiliate Marketeer says:

Not enough attention is paid to the predatory Commission Thieves.

Affiliate Marketeer says:

Hey Marcus, try using a whiteboard, dry erase markers with erasers.

Sonia Lara-Lopez says:

O influence thru these traffic sources.

Rozy says:

Why not create the product and have affiliates push YOUR product. Rather than pushing other peoples products for a few $$. Go big people. Not just low hanging fruit.

Sonia Lara-Lopez says:

Yes, I want to change that! I believe I can make money online!

Sonia Lara-Lopez says:

Hello Marcus. I’m at work, & will try my best to stay a part of this.
My main problem I have is knowing the difference of a universal & sub domain & how to choose the right one for both.

anthony william evans says:


Grant Handford says:

Can hear you . Merry Christmas.

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