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Marco Garduño says:

how much do i need to invest if i want to start making at least 3k a month?

H G says:

How long before the raising of the Amazon Course price will you notify us? Looking forward to buying both just got a job getting paid next week Wednesday. Thanks!

Deadbeat Super Affiliate says:

Jeez you guys are killing it! Taking notes 😉

JT says:

Did I miss pricing? How much is it?

Daily Life Grind says:

Hey Tanner no offense, but why should we buy the affiliate marketing course from you guys? I understand you and Ryan are killin it with affiliate commissions mainly from free traffic sources from your pre existing channels and courses and i know building an audience could be sufficient enough to make alot in commissions, but what I am interested in is paid advertising strategies.

I remember back in your older videos when you guys were testing out paid ads with the puppy food, there was no update on that. I know paid methods can be pretty technical and there is much more to paid affiliate marketing then building a landing page and sending traffic to it. Ive asked before if you guys could show some commissions from affiliate networks like maxbounty or peerlfy but neither you or Ryan answers and just ignore my question. You were super transparent with your Amazon course because you actually showed us proof over and over again but you haven't done that with your affiliate marketing course.

Just some social proof will be nice to know you guys are the real deal in affiliate marketing and have real strategies and not just trying to build another course of information to sell to your audience, when you can find the info for free on Youtube.

Thanks ! and sorry for the novel

Josh Lee says:

Do students who join one your guys' course still get the discount after the release of this one?

Wesley Woodard says:

Heck yeah… ??

Jesse Garcia says:

Awesome, keep up the good work everyone let's make some money

Ashlie Frear says:

I'm signing up for the Amazon course tomorrow morning don't you go changing that price yet Tanner you hear me! Seriously please don't hahah.

Matt Obrien says:

Now I have about $789 is it enough to do affiliate marketing the way y'all do?

rell vin says:

juss got the amazon course feeling myself

Kyle Selhorst says:

I can't buy it now but I definitely want to buy this course eventually!!

Rafael Avila says:

I just thought about that today (giving a discount to anyone who purchased other courses)!! Hahaha

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