Affiliate Marketing w/ eBay Partner Network – New “Smart Share” Tool is a Game Changer

Affiliate Marketing w/ eBay Partner Network – New “Smart Share” Tool is a Game Changer

Yesterday I noticed that eBay and the eBay Partner Network has rolled out a new cool called “Smart Share” which is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to get eBay affiliate links with one click of a button.

Any of you guys who have done affiliate marketing know that the process of gathering links can be time consuming and distracting while say in the middle of a blog post.

A long time ago Amazon rolled out a feature called “Site Stripe” that allowed you to grab a custom affiliate link in one click, as opposed to having to go in through the Amazon Associates Dashboard. It made affiliate marketing a lot faster and more convenient.

eBay is a bit behind the curve but has finally done the same thing and it’s great because eBays process of creating links in the past was time consuming and a headache. Now with one click you can not only grab an affiliate link, but there’s even Facebook and Pinterest icons which you can share to those social media platforms with one click.

In this video I wanted to make you guys aware of this tool, as well as share some affiliate marketing strategies in terms of what types of products I would promote. eBay is more geared towards unique items, used items, vintage items. If I’m going to buy some run of the mill product like a phone case or phone charger I’ll probably just go to Amazon, but as I show in the video if I was looking for an old say Hypercolor shirt from the 90’s or an old Nintendo game well then eBay would be the place to go.

Keeping this in mind if you were going to give the eBay Partner Network and affiliate marketing through eBay a stab I’d suggest doing so with unique products. In this video I share a couple examples as well as a project I’m currently working on.

I do think eBay is more of a challenge as everyone has an Amazon account, everyone loves free 2 Day Shipping with Prime, people view Amazon as being faster and a better buying experience. That said if you can nail down a good niche that works for eBay I think there’s money to be made.

Have you ever tried the eBay Partner Network? Did you have any success? What was your niche or your strategy? Drop a comment below and tell us about it


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Tom C says:

Another great video! In your experience what would you suggest are the top methods for product promotion? I’ve watched most if not all your videos, and hear you talking about using influencers. Any fiverr gigs or other methods that work well? Seems that fiverr is used for clicks/views and not actual real customers. Trying to increase daily sales on eBay/Amazon/Etsy, currently at about 15-20.

Rob Some Knowledge says:

Quick question with the eBay partner network. How do you get paid? Does it just go to your paypal account? Or where can you view your earnings?

Precipice Crypto says:

Love this video – finally EBAY! (comment written with the help of Dunkin Donuts)

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