Back to work FULL TIME after being a STAY AT HOME MOM | beingmommywithstyle

Back to work FULL TIME after being a STAY AT HOME MOM | beingmommywithstyle

No longer a hypothetical! Today’s video, I chat a bit about the transition of going back to work full-time after being a stay at home mom! I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years while my girls were younger and they both went off to grade school this year. I have been offered a position that appears to be flexible so I can continue doing my YouTube channel, and uses the experience I’ve gained here on YouTube the past 5 years! I’m excited to take it on and chat a bit about what I think sequencing back into the workplace will be like!

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Margie Anderson says:

Congrats! I hope it all works out for you!

Catherine Roberts says:

Congrats on your new Job… Glad you will still be doing video's..

Blessed with Blue says:

Congrats!!! Change can be very exciting. How will you handle summer? I work part time and I don't see myself ever going full time because of summers!

dreamflight6000 says:

Congratulations! That's really exciting!

EverythingErica says:

So exciting! This is still quite a few years away for me but I'm interested to hear all about the transition! How do your girls feel about you going back to work?

Ohsoquiet8 C says:

Congrats Di! ? I'm so happy for you ❤️ I can't wait to see a haul on your new work clothes ?

UrbanLiaLM says:

I think it's awesome! Congratulations! I plan to go back to work within the next year, and I can't wait. My main hurdle right now is figuring out childcare for the time the kids get off school until I get home. Can you share with us how you plan to handle this? Good luck with everything!

livingdivanized says:


Ash LovesCoupons says:

Hey girl! I tagged you in the 5 questions tag for youtubers! Hope you can do it, I would love to hear your answers!

Lisa Hoeme says:

Congrats!! I am facing this same decision next year. I am excited to follow along on your transition!

TwilightLaceDream says:

Congrats! I did the same thing. When my daughter was seven I went back to work. And have been working for the last twenty two years. If it works for your family I tell every woman go for it.

TheMysticsoul77 says:

Congratulations I hope the transition goes smoothly for everyone! 🙂

showtimesynergy says:

I'm a stay at home mom and I''ve always been curious how it works for the summer when your kids are off of school and you are working? I know there are camps and things, but usually not for the whole summer.

April Brown says:

Yay congrats!!!! This is something I hopefully will be doing soon too!

Lucy says:

I’m finding it really hard to find a good job after being a stay at home mom for 8 years. I have as BS and a graduate degree both in IT and it’s been tough trying to get back into the career world after so long. I have no idea how women make it work. I have 3 kids who all go to charter schools so no bus rides for them. I must spend at least 45 minutes each day just sitting in car pool lanes. Then I still have to grocery shop, clean the house, drive to after school activities and help with homework. I’m just tired thinking about adding a job to the mix. Good luck to you and congratulations!

Tara McChesney says:

Congrats? how are your girls doing with the idea of you going back to work? Is your work schedule close to the same as your girls school schedule just curious?

Brittani Price says:

Good for you!!!! We were all a step behind in guessing on your Instagram! Congrats!!!!!!

Lisa & Dennis O'Rourke says:

Good Luck Di what does your husband think of you going back to work ?

WDWlifeHappyWife says:

Congrats Di! If you stopped YouTube I’d be disappointed! But if you are going to continue I am all for following you along with the new adventure! What do the girls think of you going back? Dan? Will the girls be in child care after school or will you be home when they get home? I remember you talking about still needing to be home to get kiddos to after school activities/appointments etc.
I have this decision coming in less then 2 years (unless we get an unlikely surprise ?) and have mulled continuing to be home / or working full or part time. I have a feeling like you I will get the kiddos settled with school then start thinking about what feels right. I don’t think I want to go back to full time teaching but maybe subbing part time or working at the school in some other capacity.

Jubes26 says:

congratulations on your new job. 🙂

Jennifer Garmany says:

Aww Im so excited for you! Congratulations! 🙂 I am just glad your not leaving youtube!!

Barb Stormo says:

Congratulations on your new job!

Kelly Malnar says:

Congratulations, you seem really excited! My questions for the Q and A would be if you are able to be with the girls after school dismissal and what you have planned for their summer break, sick days and other weekdays they are off from school. I hope the new job is going great.

Gentle Thrifty Mama says:

Wow! Good for you! I will be at that crossroad next year and have no clue what I’ll do in the future. Happy for you ?

DishingUpTheDodgers says:

Congrats! I’m interested to hear how you’ll work pick ups and drop offs with the girls at school. That’s the tricky issue for me and working full-time outside of the house.

Stacey's Mommy Magic says:

Congratulations! So happy for you. Your going to do great with the new juggle of work, home, kids and life. If anyone has got this it's you! Cheering you on!

Robin Duke says:

Ok. Tell the truth. You couldn’t find Rae Dunn and you had to start buying it on eBay, so you had to go back to work to support your habit. Bahaha! ??? Seriously though, congratulations on what sounds like the perfect job for you! So glad you’re staying on YouTube. I really enjoy your videos. ?

miss meg says:

Congratulations on your new job!!

Adventures of Sage and Poppy says:

Congratulations! My husband and I were just talking about if I'll return to work after the kids go to school and how lucky we are that I am able to be home with them. I hope the transition is going well for you…can't wait to see!

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