Being a stay at home Indian mom | Indian happy stay at home mom

Being a stay at home Indian mom | Indian happy stay at home mom

In this video I share some tips that I feel useful for being happy and to manage being a stay-at-home Mom. Being a stay-at-home Mom and/or housewife can definitely feel tiresome at times. There is a whole community of stay-at-home Mom’s on Youtube that you can always connect with and let us build this community stronger
Hope you find the video helpful.
Do let me know what is your survival guide trick for staying happy as a mom
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MsMkaur says:

Can u please share your skin regimen
Your skin is very beautiful

Drishya Andoli says:

I lov ur videos… R u working.. Were do u live in USA

Sweta Vyas says:

You are actually a Homemaker. Not those typical stay at home moms who sits around all day and complains about everything.

Mahatma Gandhi says:

nice ????like

Nayana Chinnikatti says:

Wonderful video nileena and I too do that journal thing everyday (God we are so similar )and it's very effective. Its really sweet of you to share these things with everyone and helping all the stay at home moms become a better form of themselves and feel good tooo. More power to you. Lods of luv ?

Indian Mom Studio says:

very helpful video….& great topic ?

Subhra Subhadarsini says:

nice tips even for non-moms ?

vj0509 says:

Can you make your Zumba workout video plz?

Sheetal k says:

great video dear ☺

Arpita Jain says:

Good work 🙂

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