Call Center Careers (Work From Home)

Call Center Careers (Work From Home)

For more information on a job with Oasis click on the link below.

Call Center Careers

Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions

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Tammy Cybart says:

How is Oasis as a work from home job?

Tammy Cybart says:

I just emailed my resume for inbound call center services, is this also a work from home position?

Dianeshia Richardson says:

I started working there today thanks to you

Justine H says:

Hi I wanted to know if you yourself have worked with oasis; if so what was the process of on boarding?

Verlyn61 says:

Hello,  I use to process insurance claims from home and that company went out of business few years back, I have been trying to find other companies that have work from home processors, have you seen any positions for that kind of work? Thank you for reading….

Jake Kussmaul says:

Normally this would be a relatively straightforward process. Unfortunately today, companies have done away with employee training altogether. They simply hire the most experienced. For reference, I went to interview for a front desk position at a pre-school, and the candidate they chose over me had 10 years experience. Keep in mind, this was for a part-time position with its sole requirement being a high school diploma or equivalent. Basically, that makes them overqualified. And for further reference, I have cerebral palsy and am in a wheelchair, so I don't think I stand a chance either way. I feel absolutely stuck when it comes to finding work at home jobs, and JOBS, no less. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.

Cassandra Anglin FitandFree says:

You are such a blessing. May you be richly blessed for blessing others.

Darryl14ful says:

Do you know any online jobs that will hire poeple from outside of the US

uptown philly says:

Im interested in non work from home jobs

E Diaries says:

Have you came across any non phone jobs?

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