Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom – maymommy2011

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom – maymommy2011

A side of it that’s not usually talked about.

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Life with Carrie says:

I know this video is obviously extremely old but it has helped me so much. I am in the sam exact position right now. I recently had our second baby and have moved away from family and becoming a SAHM. I love being with the kids but I feel horrible about no contributing financially. Also like you said before I can spend and buy what I wanted when I wanted and now my husband works and when he gets paid it all goes straight to bills. My 2 year old is super attached to me. Since my husband has had time off after number 2 was born she has definitely gotten more attached to her dad which is nice. I can't even by myself underwear without feeling guilty. It's such a hard transition when your use to working. It's really inspiring to see how far you have come and see how your views have changed. I know it takes time and I'll push through. Loniless is real though. Since we don't live near family anymore I relay on FaceTime to see my mom.

Jmo Bello says:

Women lose no matter what.

LindsayandLucas says:

This is one of my favourite videos you have ever uploaded, it's so real and raw. I wish you could upload more "real talk" videos, mommy chats if you will. I love your normal videos don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore you and your family. But it would be nice to hear more from your heart and what your really thinking/going through. Hope that makes sense lol ❤️

Teresa Tyte says:

I really needed this video today!! It's so good to feel like I'm not alone!!

Derrika Mayers says:

I think you should go to moms group and take maddison with you and take maddison to playground and be there with her and you could take maddison to parents house for a few minutes and you go to moms group and make some friends

Karen Silva says:

I feel the same way! I lost a week old baby almost two yrs ago and i tried to go back to work and I couldn't it was awful,, so I decided to stay home we have other kids… But now I feel guilty for staying home. But being home is a hard job.. someone has to do it!

Joanne Jones says:

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Jiyoung Hwang says:

thank you for sharing your story~~~ I was crying as I listen to it because I feel exactly the same. .

Kate Hatfield-Thorburn says:

From what you have said, we are like the same lol 😂

Dixon Christian Academy says:

Yes. I so feel you on this. Thanks for the video.

BeautyOverkill says:

I've been a stay at home mom now for a year & it can really challenging emotionally. I'm so happy you made this video because I've been feeling so negative lately. It's nice to be able to relate to someone.

WolfEliy 12 says:

You made me cry I so relate xxxxxx

WolfEliy 12 says:

So know how you. Feel. Love to you xxxxxx

WolfEliy 12 says:

I totally relate I feel the same xxxx

cassandra henriksen says:

I think all stay at home moms go through everything you talked about at one point or another I know I did but I feel the longer I have been home the more I am able to feel fulfilled and figure out how to create more balance but it is always nice to see a video like this and know that you're not alone and that other woman have felt the way you do. Thanks for making this video!

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