Today is a day in the life vlog and taking you with me through out my day shopping. I show you a mini haul and more. I am Christmas shopping and its my favorite time of the year. Also I have good news on pregnancy announcements from a few you tubers I watch. So come along with me on this ditl of this stay at home mom. Check out all the channels I mentioned in my video down below. Make sure to tell them I sent you over.

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Philip Gipson says:

I adore how chill you are.

Mermaid lissa says:

I love the cross shoulder purses. I feel like I have to be on guard if I have a purse with short straps. . And sometimes even fight with it lol. They always want to fall off my shoulder if I am doing anything. Makes it so much easier for someone to yank them off of you.

Brenda Tate says:

Love your DITL Vlogs. Miles is so hilarious I just love seeing him. I’m so glad you and Lindsey got to spend sometime together. You are right Ava is adorable and dresses so cute. Really like your black purse it’s really nice. I’m so happy for you that the kiddos are so excited about moving to California. Hope everything is going good with your packing. Have a blessed day!

Heather luv says:

i thought you had hot cheeto fingers lol :D!

Mariana Schuller says:

What was the first store you went to? I need to go there!

4dayc says:

Thanks for the YouTube suggestions. Always looking for new channels to check.

Mati Rodriguez says:

Yes Kang is so sweet and her kids Omgosh adorable,, they're staying at her in- laws so she doesn't upload often ☹️☹️ I miss her videos but can't wait to see her finished home!

Eden At Home says:

I will definitely miss you two together. glad you had a chance to spend time with Lindsay and Ava. I wish she lives near me ,my son would have been so exited to play with Ava. ????

Susan bond says:

Kimberley that opening clip whoa do you look amazing or what!!!!!!! Berry colours, that top, lippy and those earrings!!!! Totally breathtaking. Hey Lindsey! !, you mamas look great you rock girls!

MrsJenFrick says:

I love these real day to day videos! How do you find time to pre-film all your videos?! I have one toddler and I feel like I'm scrambling for time ALL the time lol

binte yusuf says:

Hey. I love these types of videos. Great job. And you look gorgeous. Pease do a make up tutorial on this look. Thanks

Tina James says:

Love that lipstick color you were wearing when you went shopping. So pretty on you. What was the name of it? Also, it looks like you don’t have to long before the big move. When are you going to start packing everything up?

Patricia Zepeda says:

This was filmed awhile ago right, she put hers up awhile ago

The Joyful Homemaker says:

I LOVE Kang ❤️❤️❤️

Mama to Four says:

I’ve seen so many pregnancy announcements lately too! There’s nothing more exciting ?

Cathleen Weaver says:

Yay first comment. Love that color on you…brightens. Love shopping with girlfriends and teaching our little girls how to bargain hunt. When I was little, my grandma used to take me shopping. What a great memory ❤????

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