Day in The Life of a Mom! | Stay at Home Mom

Day in The Life of a Mom! | Stay at Home Mom

Day in The Life of a Mom! | Stay at Home Mom
I LOVE being a sham mom. It is filled with fun moments and responsibilities. School, dance competition class, cooking, cleaning, and having fun with my babies. hope you enjoy a look into my life!


♥Welcome to the HouseOFMeis. We are a vlogging family from the midwest! I have a stay at home job doing normal things like organizing, cleaning, decorating, and cooking. Normal like things are happening every day 🙂 We got married November 2009. Had our first baby girl Jaelynn, in June of 2010, our second baby girl Rhilynn, July 2014 and our newest addition Zoie in December of 2016! Enjoy our life, We do ♥

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Torrance McClintock says:

Omg,their pictures are so freaking cute?!!I love how you have them dressed???!!And YOU look absolutely good ???Zoie is getting so big?all of your kids are adorable?

Casey Hughs says:

Are those organic to??

Fatima B says:

Really liked the boots you purchased and your stomach looks fantastic! Yout daughters school pictures are absolutely adorable. Zoey at the end of the vlog ?? ….. cuteness overload!

Ashley Matthews says:

The girls school pictures r beautiful.

Kelly Ciera Wishon says:

Their school pictures are so cute!

slime girls says:

Omg 13 comment

GorgeouslyMade says:

The thumbnail ♥️

Rebecca Shaw says:

Why do you want to return your watch?!? I love mine! Its been an amazing mom tool for me ?

cheryl Leggins says:

Your daughters are so cute and growing up so fast. Love your vlogs.

Vanessa Riddock says:

love your videos, keep the good job up.

Mia Joy says:

I love your hair ?

Samantha shelby says:

I love y’all & ur videos?❤️

Tyler Anderson says:


Jamila Queen says:

I love you all so so much❤️????

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