DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STAY AT HOME MOM // 🌞Summer Break With 3 Kids!

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STAY AT HOME MOM // 🌞Summer Break With 3 Kids!

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I am absolutely LOVING life right now as a Mom! Motherhood is truly different with 3 kids, but right now Hudson is such a good baby and the two older kids are just absolutely in love! Doing a DITL Mom video just seems natural because our news lives with our new family have just taken shape so organically, and as a mom vlogger, I love getting to capture our lives on camera to look back on.

Not a day goes by that I haven’t been completely grateful that being a Mom means I get to love on these 3! 😍 All 3 of my kids are amazing and I love capturing new mom life moments for a DITL! A day in the life of a Mom with 3 kids; sometimes I still can’t believe I have 3 kids!!

Are you liking these DITL videos? I do look forward to making more day in the life content for you all if you’re enjoying them, so let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for watching this day in the life!



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Crystal Tara says:

Loved this video! You are such a cute family!

Brenda Tate says:

Hey Katie! BHG wax melts has a chilled cherry 🍒 lemonade and it smells awesome! Bentley looks so much like Sean! Love your sweet little family! Thanks for doing a DITL video! They are always so good 😊! Have a wonderful day! 💁🏼

Ms. Jennifer's Life says:

I love your make-up! It looks so natural. Omg your kids are stinking cute

Mama to Four says:

Yumm those sweet potatoes look delicious! With steak 😍 I had sweet potatoes on the menu tonight, but it’s way too hot out!

The King Family Vlogs says:

I love your closet storage! We just sold our house really fast and had to move into a rent house so we majorly downsized. I am so going to have to take some of your tips for my boys closets!

The Jackson Hive says:

IHOB is SO weird

Lisa Arriaga says:

Hello 👋 Here from Brittani’s channel and I am now subscribed to your channel. I’m going to binge watch your videos lol

kim g says:

Aww mr katie in the food store buyin meat yep i go to DT n do the same spend to much but i think then i can always use whatever i bought awl poor lobster man (mr katie) lol😁💕

Isabella nellis says:

Love your videos! Continue being AMAZING

Katie Keller says:

Hudson such a cutie ❤ thought the B wouldve been like breakfast but saw burgers + was like what!? 😂😂 where did u get the wax warmer from?

Fran Guzman says:

Aww, sweet ditl. You guys had so much
So glad you're well!! Your kiddos are precious, and the baby is getting sooo big!! He's soooo cute!! Dinner looked delicious!! You should definitely do more ditl. Great day to all!!

kt parrett says:

Coming over from Brittany's channel 😊 new subscriber 🙂

CreativeChaos1739 says:

IHOB= I HOP ON into Bankruptcy from my horrible burger idea. 😂 terrible.

carolyn pena says:

Have bless day… cute family

Maddy Godek says:

Love your vlog. I came from brittani's channel

Beautiful1 says:

omgosh. your baby is so cute. i miss the newborn baby stage. They grow so fast. Congratulation! Enjoy.

Beautiful1 says:

I just got a new wax warmer. I never had one. how long does the smell last.? When do you change the wax?

Shakina Riley says:

You look beautiful Katie and your family are amazing thanks for this video

Sondra Six says:

It’s crazy they are changing at all. I’m excited I found you all. Thank you Brittany

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