Day In The Life of a Stay at Home Mom and Youtuber- Puppy Sitting-Going Down Memory Lane

Day In The Life of a Stay at Home Mom and Youtuber- Puppy Sitting-Going Down Memory Lane

Hey guys! Follow me along on a typical day as a stay at home mom and youtuber. I had fun going through some of our old pictures and showing you our first apartment and our first home here in Tennessee! It was so fun looking back at how I used to decorate! So different than now!

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Donna Clark says:

Terrible 2 doesn't get any better. Their wants get more expensive

A Meyer says:

Love your blogs!!!

Cristina C says:

Lately I have been obsessed with the frozen strawberry LEMONADE! ITS so good in the summertime when it's so hot outside!

Heather Sprinkle says:

what color/kind of nail polish are you wearing? I love it!

Diana Reyes says:

I need to try that cherry sprite at sonic sounds delicious.
Yeah you have good decorations all the time thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

Home With Karri says:

All of the Sonics closed down in our area ? I loved their Cherry Limeades! Lol my daughter loves the Minecraft too! Must be their age lol. She's also into crafts & dolls too. I love how well Tucker gets along with other dogs! I remember you dog sitting a different puppy not too long ago. It was cute to watch Madison & Tucker play & how comfortable she is with all of you! My mother-in-law used to have her Polaroid camera glued to her hands! Lol In fact she was like the paparazzi at our first son's birth lol but it was nice to have the pictures right away. In fact she'd take a picture of our visitors holding him & send the picture home with them ? Your previous homes were beautiful! It's funny to look back at our decor tastes back then. Lastly that baby picture of you I thought was Madelyn! Both girls look so much like you at Kinsley's age! ❤️ P.S. What does that sign with the heart say behind you at the beginning of the vlog? I try so hard to figure it out every time it's in a vlog ??

Kayla Morrison says:

I have the Bible app and I did a plan on there that talked about how to handle social media. It said that nothing is perfect and social media is false in making us think that life is perfect. It helped me to remember that when I go on YouTube or another site and feel like I'm less than. Even watching your videos and seeing how nice your house is, it can make others feel like they need to have a nice house too. I'm learning that I can enjoy YouTube and still live within my means and what I can accomplish. I love how real you are and thank you for sharing your struggles as well as your triumphs

Donna Simon says:

I have been watching your videos for a while and decided to subscribe. love all of your videos. Your family is beautiful-so is your home.

Kristin Kubiszewski says:

Try an ocean water from Sonic! It's super yummy!

Tasha Villegas says:

oh my goodness! Those were our first couches too! Same pillows and all, lol. They lasted us about 10 years until we got our leather 🙂

Shawna Balthis says:

Try the ocean water drink from sonic! I always get it! Also just a friendly tip always cut grapes long ways before giving them to a toddler. PLEASE don't think I'm being "that person" cause your my all all all time favorite YouTuber and I love you to death, I just wanted to share that with you because I just recently learned that!! I use to give my toddler whole weenies to and I had no idea you was suppose to cut them the same way until someone shared that about the grapes and hotdogs with me. Love your DITL's!!

Adams Family TV says:

Cotton Candy Grapes actually came from HEB from TX. We've had them here for like 4 years. We're obsessed ❤️

Adams Family TV says:

I love the gummy bear slush. The ocean water. Or raspberry lemonade with extra raspberry

EC P says:

Sadly our sonic closed. And omg I have a pic with my hair in rollers too lol your girls are so pretty!! My second daughter was my terrible two one. My first never gave me a problem. But that was many many many years ago.. geesh I'm getting old (54) lol …Your home is so pretty!! I have touches of teal throughout. I have grapes decor in the kitchen but down sizing it. I have several blue carnival glass pieces of my Moms that have the grape pattern that I'll keep but everything goes. And I have wine decor in the dining room but that is going also. I feel it all is taking over and I'm so trying to declutter.

Elizabeth Hambleton says:

love this video! I definitely think you should do more vlogs. I can relate to your anxiety on so many levels and also with the crazy two year old's ? Looking beautiful mama!

Lynette Yoder says:

Yes to the terrible twos!! ?. Some days are a lot worse than others. But the whining and extreme stubbornness is quite bad at times. Today tho my almost 4 year was being the stressful one! ?. I'm glad to know mine aren't the only ones ! P.S. Your bedroom wall color is beautiful!!

Beauty & The Beastons says:

Fixin ?? shadow was my first doggies name he was the sweetest

Beauty & The Beastons says:

Ugh your girls melt my heart!!

Beauty & The Beastons says:

I'm dying to try those grapes!!

Beauty & The Beastons says:

The struggle with two year olds is real!!! I'm barely surviving over here lol

Beauty & The Beastons says:

I'm obsessed with Pinterest but can't look before bed because I'm like omg I wanna do this I wanna do that! And my brain goes nuts haha. I love it but not before bed.

Julie Summers says:

Favorite youtuber ????

Terri Oren says:

Your my favorite! !! I love Sonics cherry cokes! I go during happy hour from 2-4 and get half price drinks!

Janice Boyd says:

the interruptions by your 2 year old is just real life. I'm a foster mom of autistic 2 year old boy. wow, he would make an interesting vlog, but I would cause everyone anxiety

Anna Kaikala says:

Your glasses look so nice on you! Oh, you look worn out when Kinsley is yankin for your attention, they really do drain your batteries quick! Maybe like once or twice a month, you should take a couple of hours to yourself to unwind and cool down. Have your hubby watch the girls while you pamper yourself, or watch a movie by yourself, or go to a friends house and hangout. Just a thought, hope you have a good day! xoxo

Racheal Keene says:

Fish are way more complicated than I realized! I think you technically can put a male & female together. From what I've been told the male can stress the female out & put her in distress. The people at your pet store may know more about it!

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