Day In The Life. Stay at home mom, Homeschool, and chaos collide.

Day In The Life. Stay at home mom, Homeschool, and chaos collide.

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Hello, Friends!

Today I am sharing a small peek into our somewhat chaotic daily routine (on Tuesdays)! I decided to film on a Tuesday because it’s our most laid back day… just know that we do leave the house every other day! haha! I thought Tuesday would give me the most filming opportunities since we are at home and also a glimpse into my new life as a homeschooling mom to my four-year-old, so you will see some activities we do throughout the video!

Hope you enjoy!

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Sandra Hogan says:

Hey Jenn!! Loved the video!! Any chance there is a recipe for that chicken soup you were making in the instapot? I think I got lost after the parsley 😉

honumah says:

Love your video…. Can you do a video on the charts you have up on your walls for the kids and how you use them with the kids.  Again love watching your video

xddarkdragon says:

Fooled you suckers!!be nice to me ???

Whitney Williams says:

Also I laughed out loud when you poured the parsley !!! ?

Whitney Williams says:

Really hope you do more of these ! Loved it !
And I really was inspired for some more homeschool activities ! Really loved them!

Megan Volf says:

Loved it gf!!! You did an amazballs job!!

Bella Luxx says:

Loved this! And I absolutely love ur decor! Consider a tour plsss ???

Jessica Carlson says:

Great video! Just watched your Facebook live ranch making and headed over here to watch this video!

Katie Erickson says:

It made me so happy when I saw that you posted a video! Your sense of humor is amazing and your kids are the cutest?

Sandra Flowers says:

Great video!! Love the homeschooling and just having fun with your kiddos!!! Need to regulate TV time more in this house…

britandfamm says:

Great video! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I subscribed. Can't wait to see you post more!! 🙂

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