Hey Guys!!
Today I’m sharing a DAY IN THE LIFE VLOG with you. I talk about INVISALIGN, CLEANING and more!! I hope you enjoy watching!! Feel free to leave questions, comments, or prayer requests down below!!


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Donnaj's Just Another Day says:

I have been tempted to go get the eyelash extensions too but I’m like you, I like to take all my eye makeup off at night. Plus I have heard that they just ruin your real eyelashes. I will be watching for the eyelash video.

Brenda Tate says:

Good Morning Ashley! Thanks for doing DITL video! Love them! Definitely give us some updates on your braces. Hope you have a blessed day!

Allison Ettenger says:

Congrats on 20 k girl that's amazing. I would love to see another ultimate clean with me but like a super long one 😁

Lolly31272 says:

Yes updates when you can

Cristina C says:

Excited to see the Invisalign process. Good for you! I know you’ve have probably already answered this question tons of times but, your tan is so beautiful! Do you use self tanner or is it just from being outside? Fun vlog! The girls are so cute! Making memories that will last forever!

Lorena Crespo says:

Yes, updates on the Invisalign. I will start my treatment on July 3rd and I’m kind of nervous too.

Hannah Hwang says:

The girls are SO CUTE doing their sort of “cheerleader-moves”. LOL😁I like Savannah’s cute little braids, it’s adorable! If there’s any chance, could you plz let us know each name of the songs/ background music you will use in your vlog next time? I really enjoy the songs you chose for your vlogs! But if it will cost you extra time to edit the vlogs, then plz don’t do it cause I don’t want to disrupt your normal daily routines. Have a good day!

Dala Taylor says:

Love ya Ashley! I am so glad you are on here, never found a Geuine person you are. So happy for you. You deserve this, I will email you a prayer request. I have been dealing with something for a month.

Teresa Thompson says:

I love vlogs! I have seen some youtubers have amazing results with Invisalign. My teeth has juuuust started to shift, but it's because my wisdom teeth are pushing through (at 29?! like what?). So I have to go get them pulled to stop the shift. The dentist said he doesn't notice it, but I do. I think we are more aware of our own teeth (of course) because we look at them every day.

sk vl says:

I would love to know more about your dental journey! My 13 year old daughter needs braces. Love your video keep up the good work👍🌷

Yvonne Garcia says:

omg yesss eyelash video please !! your eyelashes are so bomb 😍

Crystal Barrow says:

great vlog girl i have never been to olive garden hopefully i will get to go on my my birthday next month.

Joanne Liu Lay Keng says:

The girls r having fun! Love yr pool!

Honor Construction says:

Yes updates please about your invisalign, my bottom teeth are really similar to yours and have been wanting to try out but just haven't done it yet

Erika Myer says:

I'm so happy and proud for you!!!!! Yay 20K!!!!! I just love your channel!!!! You deserve it!!!! Also agree you retire your shirt… U should get it framed soo you will always have it. Sounds silly but I've done that with my stepdaughters favorite T-shirt as a kid. Also cuz I can't sew. 😂

Tori Dunn says:

Good luck with your Invisalign! Cant wait to hear and see the progress. Love the vlog xx

Jen N Jase Coker says:

Your teeth are so white! I vote teeth whitening video!! 😃

Ashley V says:

Very curious about Invisalign! Would love updates on how it feels, works, cost etc.!

Ariel Pellegrini says:

HAHAHA ME. “My workout clothes but I don’t really workout so my comfy clothes” LOVE IT. I’ve been wanting an Invisalign sooo bad! Love your videos esp the DITL!! ❤️

Jane Gardner says:

Yes! Want to know about your teeth!
Love your vlogs! You’re the best! God bless!!

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