Get a glimpse of what a day is like for a stay at home mom. No two days are the same but this is what a typical day looks like in our home. Being a stay at home mom is hard. Heck, being a mom in general is hard! But there is so much beauty in this stage of life, even in the midst of all the messiness…literal messiness. My hope in sharing this video is to encourage you fellow moms out there. Not if, but when you are tired and your babies are grumpy and the house is a mess, just know, you are NOT alone. It’s all part of the beautiful job called being a mom. We are blessed. But we are tired. And that is ok. Love you all!

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Loved this vlog just found your channel and so glad I did! Hope you can check mine out and subscribe as well!

Becca M says:

Emmy is beautiful and so cute! Enjoyed your video…I remember those days of being a new sahm with a baby. Now I am a sahm to three kids, and a homeschooler and maintain a very busy home…. It doesn't get easier, but it gets better and better ? And I learned tips and tricks a long the way to ur my time more efficiently and wisely, while still taking time to enjoy the kiddos. Keep up the good work and thank you for your DITL!

sophia gardner says:

Omg I laughed so hard with ur daughter peeking around the corner! She is a doll❤️

Stephanie McQueen says:

Hey girl just subbed ! ? my daughter loves those pouches and always has ! I enjoyed watching your day and you keeping it real !!
Id love for you to stop by my channel so we can be friends ! I'm a SAHM as well .

Stacey's Mommy Magic says:

Love your videos, I'm a stay at home mom of 4 and vlogger as well. Keep up the good work!

Jessica Tull says:

I love day in the life vlogs ?

Some Random Mom says:

I JUST whipped out my crockpot today. I just need to memorize a million recipes now

Anna Shupp says:

Good job on taking mommy time! So good for you! ?

Deanna H says:

I am a FTM to a 6 month old sweet little boy and I found your videos looking for a sleep training video and love your videos! We start sleep training tomorrow and I'm super nervous but your video helped me a ton on how to do the Ferber method!

Colleen Tyler says:

Hey! I was just curious how many meals of actual baby food she has a day? And if it seems like she is eating enough to replace any milk yet? My baby girl is 7 months old and I'm not perfect but I try 3 times a day to do a baby food but she still drinks the same amount of milk

Scrapdillyishious says:

Uh wait, wait, wait!!! Where have I been??? That's BRILLIANT to use a laundry basket to hold her up in the tub. WOW!! Can't believe how simple and useful that idea is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

sweet gal says:

What's ur age..u r super mommy?

andreafeliz says:

I am a new subscriber. Loved the video! I'm a young mama myself 🙂

The One Week Wardrobe says:

This brought back so many memories!! My kids are 6, 4, and 2. Things get harder AND better AND easier…and as you keep on, you'll find all kinds of shortcuts and ways that work better to leave you with more time and energy and…sanity! You're in the thick of it, mama, but it's all so good!

Strange Color Blue says:

what a cute baby!!! she is so beautiful ?

TheBeautyCorner says:

and oh my goodness we have the same car seat!! DOESNT IT FEEL LIKE IT WEIGHS 1000X POUNDS LOL!

TheBeautyCorner says:

hahah when she is peaking around the corner! hahaha I love it! MUCH LOVE FROM MY CHANNEL TO YOURS (:

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