Today is a day in the life video. We take miles to the groomers and I show you a few makeup looks I did for future videos for Millennial Moms channel. You guys seem to really like my ditl videos so I will continue to do them for you all. Follow this mama around town and let’s get started with our day.

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lindseys lifeNstyle says:

The knife sharpener is insanely cool! And that’s hilarious miles responds to nana papas like the kids would! How cute!

Deborah Povey says:

Your fur baby is adorable x

Lgk517 says:

Love the haul! You’re beautiful ❤️

Danny Perez says:

So I’m guessing my daughter accidentally unsubscribe to you I was wondering why you haven’t posted anything and then i go through my subscriptions and your not there ? I been missing so much lol ?

Shannon Portugal says:

I love your sunglasses, where did you get them?

Jeetun Suinaina says:

Love the reaction of your dog

Eliza Rios says:

Good morning, do you have a link for Mile’s no bark collar?

The Six Silvas says:

Omg how cute when you asked miles about nana and papas!!? he's just like okay meet you at the door! Why arn't you getting up!? Haha! ??


I love the L'Oréal brown pencil and how thin the pencil is! Love it!

Tina Martin says:

I’ve gotta get my butt moving to buy some fall/Halloween decorations!! And my youngest, who is turning 5, her birthday is 2 days before Halloween!! I have a lot to do and running outta time to do it all!! ? Enjoy your 2 weeks with the hubby and kids!! ??❤️

Naomi Rose says:

Awe Miles is so sweet! Love that Target Halloween decor! Mine never has the good stuff like that!

Erika Cardenas says:

Loved this day in the life Kimberly?and always a pleasure when miles shows up in them. Enjoy your hubby time♥️

Concert mom 180 Betsy Persiano says:

It looks so uncomfortable ? for Miles.

Tara Elsey says:

Your videos are so fun. You are so down to earth. Miles is adorable. What kind of dog is he? Is that breed known for his calm and sweet personality? ? Have a great day!

Ubaldo_032 ps3 soto says:

Time limits are a must for Target

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