Deadbeat In Miami Explains Top Business Expenses For Affiliate Marketers

Deadbeat In Miami Explains Top Business Expenses For Affiliate Marketers

In this video, I talk about some of the top business expenses you can write off as an affiliate marketer, food blogger, sports blogger, video game and movie blogger.



Eric Liang says:

Interesting, I never knew business expenses can be written off as sole proprietor .

Ricky Chilcott says:

Good on ya Dan. Don't for get to claim for the dry cleaning of your work clobber i.e Red Robe. 🙂

Giuseppe Boveri says:

Stack That Money advertising! ahahahah… Keep up with the good life!… but please show us some nice babe also!… Enjoy LIFE!!!

Book City Incorporated says:

I love this practical advice, thanks Dan!!
Can you give some tips on what to look out for when hiring a tax professional or attorney?

The Monk Way says:

Hey the more expenses the more write offs, definitely huge bonus for self employed businesses, write off a part of your rent if you want, thanks for the tips.

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Nicole Stevensen says:

FAX machine – who the hell uses one of those any more!!

Hack Central - ANDROID says:

yo, i dont mean this with any disrespect i love your tips and they have helped me make money online but whats the go with channels like you who have 20-100k subs but can hardly get 1000 views per video and are trying to give us tips on how to grow our channel when they cant even do it themeselfs….. byran G for example

preprodigy says:

ok this is something i always knew. but what has held me up on doing it ( claiming trainiing courses, costs ect on taxes) is that i am not currently incorporated.. and because of that idk if im allowed to claim these items in my taxes while working for a JOB. or if i have to operate and claim these only through an llc?

Kevin Baesel says:

I thought we were going to Miami together?! Well, I am a deadbeat affiliate so I guess watching you there is so much easier than all of that travel!! 😉

Nicolae Vasile says:

Hey Dan, I want to make a website about Technology and I want my first articles to be about DSLR cameras. If I make everything right (SEO, backlinks,) do you think I can get traffic on my website and make sales with Amazon afilliation program? or the competition is too damn big on this niche. Thank you. And please give me some tips about how to crush my bigger competition.

Benjamin Fairbourne says:

I've needed this for a while!

Loud Bark says:

I have a few questions:
1. Do you always have bundles of cash around you?
2. How many red robes do you have?
3. I was wondering if you ever left your living room and now you are outside. So kudos!

Regardless, thanks for the great content. Cheers!


0:10 LOL random stack of money..never gets old

Angel Robinson says:

Great video. It was very detailed and informative. I will use all this info for my business next year!

I Anne Frank, want 9000 subs says:

This guy is low key hitting licks on all of us

Charlie Alexander says:

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Diogo Maria says:

wow 73k, well done sir

Dana delorme says:

which video do you recommend for someone with no money to get started in an online business or a work from home with no boss

Abhishek Rajput says:

from were can I learn

Kuro says:

Give me 200 $

CA Art says:

bro shoutout me plz

CA Art says:

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