Deadbeat Simple Affiliate Marketing Plan For Beginners

Deadbeat Simple Affiliate Marketing Plan For Beginners

need a plan to profit online… of course you do… the secret is that the world doesnt care what YOU want… it cares what they want. so in your marketing…

1st. find out what people want using my trigger word method over at

2nd. figure out how to profit with cpa affiliate offers, adsense, pay per call, pay per lead, pay per download, ect

3rd. set up a site focused on helping the user get what they want WHILE leading them to all the stuff you found in step two

4th. test, track, learn and grow with your market

if this is confusing, or you have info overload… then you need to go back to step one and make sure you are in the right niche.

finding the right market is EVERYTHING

and if you like this stuff… go get simple sites big profits at 🙂

its drop dead simple 🙂 just follow the plan!



Natasha Love says:

Are you in Miami or Fort Lauderdale??

EBA Nutrition says:

Can you do affiliate marketing without a website or blog. Like find someone searching for the best protein powder (or somehow discover which people are searching for that). Then send ads to their web browser with your affilate link. That way you don't even need a website to promote a product and get paid. What do you think Markus. Also, thanks for this video…'s awesome.

Edgar R says:

Thank you so much for this video. Very good information

Ozair Tariq says:

I am interested in the 2016 beginner pack but I cannot find you website. For what ever reason it is not working. Can you please send me a link? Thank you.

Melvin Florence says:

no it don't make sense.

Melvin Florence says:

we hear you.

Melvin Florence says:

pretty cool.

Melvin Florence says:

yes i got it.

Melvin Florence says:

let's getter done.

alb12345672 says:

Triggerwords site is down.

alb12345672 says:

Bottom line is you have to spend some money to make money. Whether you pay this guy, or learn by trial and error. Damn, even a job – you need to put out some money buy clothes, gas, car maintenance/payment, commuter card, lunches, school/training/books to learn something to impress an employer… If you aren't willing to play with a few hundred bucks just watch cat videos.

MB4LUNCH says:

Deadbeat….. Isn't that Dan Brock's word? Or did he borrow it from you. Anyway, you both are really good at this so no worries!

Katheryn Olsen says:

I got to this video from an email titled "fan page profit secrets"… I briefly perused through frames of the video, however, there is NOTHING in this video about facebook fan page profit secrets. More clickbait. I think I'm done exploring Marcus Campbell. Clickbait does not work and it tarnishes your reputation, Mark. I am unsubscribing from all. Thanks, but tired of you wasting my time.

Brenton Walker says:

Awesome video, thanks for the knowledge!

vernessa stephen says:

Great video…I live in the Caribbean. Any advise on how to get started? Promoting products will be expensive to ship to the island. Thank you

casadova says:

like your vids

matt johnson says:

is hard for me to earn 1$ per day

Ravi Chaturvedi says:

Marcus. You write it imcorrect. Check the extension of the url mentioned in the description. It should be .net and not .met

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