Family Nighttime Routine | Stay-at-Home Mom! 2016

Family Nighttime Routine | Stay-at-Home Mom! 2016

Hope you enjoyed our nighttime routine! Every night is different but here you get an idea of what a night is like in our family.

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sakeena Jawad says:

My oldest is 12 I didn't know of any you tube in '05 ha lol

sakeena Jawad says:

Omg younger moms are lucky to have had you tube when you had babies there are so many young looking moms probably making a killing working from home making videos and then u have the memories on camera of your kids being young

Tiara TheAwesome says:

Her voice is so soothing


your kids was so cute i bless your kids & family awesome do more videos best of u

sequoya williams says:

your so pretty to be a mom ??

Vahine Mama says:

i love your channel! just subscribed! can you check out mine too!?

indu sameer says:

u know wht u r fav.person love you nd u r so so so so cute nd beautiful girl? i love u r all video am.u r made fan ????

Audrey Nkrumah says:

Did u leave the kids Home because when you're driving I did not see you???

Kassidy Bundy says:

Where did you get your kids cute water cups with the lids with the straws? Btw I'm a new subscriber and I'm in love with your videos❤

RubyDerping says:

there so cute!!!:3

Fabiola Padilla says:

Loving that Selena song! Yeesss???

Josephine B says:

Aww you are amazing parents, so real, genuine and loving. It so sweet to see?❤️

Zion Kennedy says:

you are doing so good tack of them

Prema Ram Rangera says:

You all are so so super cute you are best mom..

vera mihailov says:

this is all cute and fun, but this just an easy part of parenthood..people on the vlog need to show the other side too..moments when things are not that easy.. bye ??

Veronica Corvalan says:

en donde estás Liz?? hace unos dias descubrí tu canal y me encanta!!!! Ojalá subas más videos…hermosa tu familia❤…
amo Selena ?
saludos desde Argentina!

Gelecia Senoir says:

this was lovely I would like to see more

Lydie and Andie creates ! says:

Your such a good mom!

Navroop cheema says:


Navroop cheema says:

your babies is soo sooo soo cute

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