Here’s Why You Have NO SALES – Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA

Here’s Why You Have NO SALES – Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA

In this video, I share 5 reasons why you are probably struggling to get sales with your online business. These tips apply to affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and Shopify Dropshipping since SALES is simply a universal skill at the end of the day.

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.




Lee Jia Suen says:

Honestly the path to making sales is a slow one, nobody is gonna buy from a brand that is, like odi says, not giving any incentive or value to the customer. So, at the very least , make sure you have scarcity and urgency in the products you're promoting, at least make a professional website, and for christ's sake don't just keep looking for every new hot product and start promoting it like crazy, give your audience some love, build that trust with them, and value !! That's what's ultimately gonna really convert in the long run! Peace ✌

The Apostle says:

Hey Odi another great informative video. One of the ways I plan to get traffic is with Google AdWords and maybe facebook ads, but right now I feel like I need more content up on my website. @yessirapostle

Oscar Lopez says:

Conversions… Like youve said before, you can't polish a terd 💩BTW, thanks for referring me to MJ Demarcos books, he speaks the truth, you should try to have him on as a guest!

pompous life says:

thank you odi you realy give us the right way .regards

killab213 says:

I'm going to improve by building my brand up. I will put out more value added content ig bbazzracing

Brian Pfeiffer says:

Hey man thanks for sharing good reminder!

Vikram Kr Gupta says:

# Q&A…
Hey ODI, please tell me how can I find a very profitable product to promote as an amazon affiliate.
Actually i got my right niche in blogging industry but i'm suffering to find the most profitable product's on amazon as an amazon affiliate! Help me please.
Thanks a lot! Peace!

HeyAnthony says:

great info here, thank you!

Will Came says:

Hi ODi, the way I plan on getting more sales is by testing out all the platforms you mentioned in this video but not all at once I will start with affiliate marketing and use Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and any other way I can advertise for what I am doing. I also won’t go into this for the money I am going to do this for all the skills I have the opportunity to learn and the people I could meet. Thank you for reading this my instagram is willbert977.

InformedSR Thankful says:

The realist video I've ever seen on this subject. No fluff, just the truth. Huge thank you👍

Brason Da Costa says:

Hey, Odi, thanks for sharing your knowing , I just started affiliate marketing but I really need some with sort of your experience on affiliate marketing to help me out

The LifeStyle says:

To get more sales I plan to create multiple campaigns both online and face to face for the affiliate marketing business I’m building online and my clothing line that’s also in the building. As a teenager it’s hard to let go of money to run ads. but knowing they will pay off if done correctly is what I’m working on also. Thanks to your course I will put my full efforts to building what I’ve started. @thelifestyle6

Buy or Not buy says:

Man I need that 100$ to buy a camera to start doing reviews videos on YouTube so please can you choose me pleaseeee

Arshavine Roy says:

I am a starter in affiliate marketing, i make less than $30 per day while my friends hit up to not less than $100 on a bad day. I thought of quitting, but then i don't wanna be a loser. With these tips, i'm sure i will make it big. I will be back once i hit and maintain my set target per day. Thumbs up bro. IG @arshavine___roy

Daily Football says:

You are really left an impact on me improving my qualities and expanded my knowledge! I live in a country where the online work is still unknown to people but thanks to your video courses I take the chance to get in !
My Instagram is : kamal_surf

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