HOUSE TOUR! You guys have been asking for this one! So lets take a house tour! Thank you all for watching and have a great day!

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Check out all of my favorite cleaning things in one place!


Have a great day and see you next time!


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Alexis Arceo says:

I never have used our master bath either. 😂 not a bath person. Can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright green all through the house. Its my favorite color…always has been ❤

Alexis Arceo says:

Love your house btw❤ fellow Arizona momma here!

Alexis Arceo says:

You lived in Japan??? How Awesome!

Barbara Peterson says:

where do you live? Arizona…just guessing; was one of your parent's in one of the armed forces, is that why you were in Japan? How old were you when you left Japan? What type of work does your husband do? we have two birthdays in december on the 3rd and one on the 29th; love your doggies; GOD'S CREATURES so sweet; your home IS HUGE; very nice home does your doggie in the cage come out to drink or eat? or do you have to take it to the doggie? Well at least they did try mom to fold the tiles; they will get better at it; LOVE EMMA'S COLORS; how old are you babies? love your son's room WOW, do you and hubby plan on having anymore babies?HOW MANY ROOMS ARE IN YOUR HOUSE?

roxana hernandez says:

Love the house love the dogs

pilar romero says:

muy lindo todo me encantó la casa y el vídeo

Mary Guy says:

You have a beautiful home I love your cabinet

Mary Guy says:

You have a beautiful home I love your cabinet

Lisa Gebelin says:

Such a beautiful home Jana! I wish I had big closets!

Iris Garcia says:

Hi Jana! You have a beautiful home! Great video, you have a wonderful channel☺!

Vicki Kenefsky says:

I love that you shared your whole house. And my comment on your baking talent, I do remember you shared a cake in one of these videos, I think it was somebody's Birthday, it was a great share and added a bonus for me. But guess you get that all the time. If you are baking, please always share. Awesome as always. Vicki

sophie collins says:

Love your laundry room, in the UK our kitchens can be that size! To have an island kitchen and laundry/utility space isnt very common here. Your house is beautiful, love the doggy room are you concerned about the dogs being stolen if they can get into your garden? in the UK we are seeing a rise in dog stealing so even in secure garden I watch my boy.x

Wendy Mom says:

I loved your video, and especially the comments you made! Love to see you commenting on your grocery hauls and cleaning videos in the future!!!

Daiane Rocco says:

Hi! It's a beautiful and adorable house! You Just forgot to show us the front of it 🙁 I love your videos! A big Kiss from Brazil!!!

Joyce Price says:

Loved the house tour. Lol. I was going to ask about your flower's on another video but you answered my question. I'm better with outdoor plants than inside. Your home is lovely. Your fur babies are adorable.

Yasamin Banki says:

Wowwww!!!!!You have a huge house.Good for you.😅👍🏻❤️

Charlotte Shifflet says:

Thanks for the tour. You have a beautiful home! I love the fact you saved all those things for the kiddos. I also have a few things I passed down. It means a lot. That's so cool that you lived in Japan. I bet you have a lot of stories. It's great you have someone to do DIYS with. I see a lot of videos in your future also. 🙂 can't wait! Love the dogs. Thanks again Jana.


Beautiful home!

Amiinov D'Algeriinov says:

مساء الخير جينا انا متتبع من الجزائر و مقيما في فرنسا منزلك جميل ورائع اتمنى ان يسعدك الله في حياتكي 😘😍😉

Maddalena Calegari says:

Ciao Jana, COMPLIMENTI a te e a tuo marito , avete una casa stupenda, e siete una famiglia bellissima !!!!!!👍👏 🌻 un'abbraccio ❤

Sportteam6666 Sport says:

You are one of the few bloggers who get comments in many different languages . You deserve all love and respect. Thanks for answering my question about the headboard 🤗.

Florence Devulder says:

bonjour ,si je pouvais mettre plusieurs pouce de "j aime",je le ferai tellement je vous trouve formidable, entretenir cette belle maison doit être fatiguant par moment…….mais vous ne faiblissait jamais ,bravo ,pour ma part j,ai une maison avec 4 chambres ,et tout ce qui va avec bien sur … par moment je faiblis quand même ,alors je vous regarde tout les jours et cela me booster pour repartir a la chasse a la poussière etc….nous n avons pas de piscine car dans le nord de la France ,il fait souvent froid et venteux,puis je me permettre de vous demander ou vous habitez ?(car par moment je ne comprend pas tout les mots (,je m améliore mais il y a des mots compliqué),gros bisous et bon courage pour la suite ,florence devulder

S Alexander says:

Thank you for the house tour❤️ you have a beautiful home ❤️

Joyce Carvalho says:

Beautiful house!!!!!❤

caitlin's vedios lol says:

Thanks for the house tour x I love your vedios X

Nathalie Abrial says:

Superbe maison ❤❤❤❤

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