How Affiliate Marketing Ruins Your Brand and Why I Don’t Do It

How Affiliate Marketing Ruins Your Brand and Why I Don’t Do It

Affiliate marketing is when a content creator attempts to sell a product for a marketer, and when a sale is made, the content creator gets a commission. This is a measurable way marketers can use bloggers or YouTubers to sell their products – because the content creator has an established target audience already in place.

The downside is that affiliate marketing is:

Bad for SEO.

Taints the audience – they get sick of being sold to all the time.

Makes the content creator look sleazy and only about the money.

If you are looking for ADVERTISING, we can talk. If you are looking for me to push your products for an affiliate commission, no thanks.

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greenerpastures1000 says:

Agreed, A link to the spreadsheet you were referring to would be helpful.

TD Paul says:

Suzanne….I appreciate your honestly. You are a "straighter shooter" and that is what I like most about you. I make sure I catch everyone of your videos. I learn from you and with that I am graciously appreciative. Many Blessing to you on this Sunday morning.

Sheila Hamilton says:


neville w says:

I totally agree, with what you are saying, why should you let someone else piggy back off your hard work, I used to internet marketing, only thing was by the time I got the information every man and his dog already had it.
In your case I think they just trying to jump on your band wagon or ride your wave or any other way you want to put it.
I really enjoy your videos and appreciate the information I get and the time and effort you put into them.

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