How I Made $800 In My Sleep With Affiliate Marketing And How You Can Too!

How I Made $800 In My Sleep With Affiliate Marketing And How You Can Too!

In This Video I go though 5 Steps to Making Money while you sleep with Affiliate Marketing!

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If you want to start making money with Affiliate Marketing then remember to follow these steps:
1. Pick A Niche
2. Get LINKS
3. Give Value
4. Get Traffic
5. Earn Money While You Sleep!

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Jonny Bradley says:

Comment what you’re working on and what you need help with!

EpicEntrepreneurNyc says:

Jonny with the knowledge drop!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life Like Jagger says:

Good video mate

bluerosemedia says:

Argrghh that thumbnail is frighteningly authentic looking haha

Edward W says:

Congrats on the 2k sub bro

Ray Villarreal says:

I've been researching on a niche and I feel what it has come down to is entrepreneurship or fitness as both are interest/hobbies. So how should I go about finding an affiliate product/service for entrepreneurship ? Would that be courses on like social media marketing, books, etc ? Some tips would be nice ! Thanks .

Ryan Hildreth says:

1, 2, 3, 4….5, 6, 7, 8 M’s in my bank account! Haha your countdown reminded me of 21 savage

Jamie Fout says:

Rotfl I had to look real close to make sure that wasn’t you. ?

Reece Moss - SMMA, Ecom, FBA, Marketing & More! says:

"It can be a long game…" "it took me two weeks" ?? Would personally say that's quite quick aha.
Great video bro! Bitconnect made me fall in love with passive income. Made $173.53 in the past two weeks by doing nothing 🙂

Anhwa Griffiths says:

Making money on the mattress ??

HIGH_grade_JAY says:

Congrats on hitting 2k subs Jonny

Bradley Riley - Business, SMMA, E-Com & More says:

Fantastic video though bro – great motivation and info on starting with affiliate marketing! ?

Bradley Riley - Business, SMMA, E-Com & More says:

Hahaha, even your cat ? DEAD ?

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