How I Made $8000 Profit My First Month With Affiliate Marketing at 19 **PROOF**

How I Made $8000 Profit My First Month With Affiliate Marketing at 19 **PROOF**

In this video, I break down exactly how I made $8000 profit my first month with affiliate marketing at 19 years old. I go over how affiliate marketing works and how I went about generating the results I did. Since it’s my first video I give you a glimpse of how I got involved with entrepreneurship and what my other income streams are. I hope you enjoy and let me know what content you’d like to see!

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Paul says:

Hello Nathan, congrats on your success could you coach it would be a pleasure to gain insight from you.

Scentbird Subscriptions says:

Hey what's up Nathan. My name is Jay and I just wanted to ask if you could be able to help me out. I started a month ago and all I really made so far is about $250. I'm in my second year of Biology in college and I just don't want to do this. I've been dreaming about doing this since I was 14 but I never took action and I was just a kid back then who thought this was too hard. I'm 19 now and I really don't want to live this 9-5 college debt work all my life lifestyle anymore. Could you please be able to help mentor me I'm willing to learn anything you have to teach me and apply it. This is my life goal and if I make it I want to collaborate with you and have a network of successful entrepreneurs and have our own little elite group to share ideas with and change the world with. I thought I was on my personal account but i know see I am on my new account. Thank you so much Nathan and I hope you see this :(. I really need someone to help me.

Devesh Bharadkar says:

Hey man, did you use facebook ads to promote the course?

Tom Billard says:

You didn't say how you did it

Tom Billard says:

Sounds like me lots of knowledge but application difficulty

Beatrice Maria says: working for me fine, highest commissions in industry, really recommend them

Bill Mitseff says:

Hey what's going on Nathan. Awesome video man. I got in contact with you about 3 days ago in reference to joining your team. Think we're good to go. I subscribed, so please show some love back thanks.

Natalie Ross says:

Nice job Nathan!!!

Andrew Kgotlhang says:

bro i wna start with so many things but i dont have capital how did you get capital for your businesses

Chris Fisher says:

Great content man! What Camera did you use to film this?

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