HOW I STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS AT 13! Tips and Tricks To Start Your Own Business :)

HOW I STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS AT 13! Tips and Tricks To Start Your Own Business :)

Hellooo everyone! Thank you so much for watching 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this video on how I started my own business at 13 years old! Hopefully this helped anyone who is curious or is wanting to start their own business!

MERWIN MONOGRAMS (My business!) →

Text the message @yourj to the number 81010

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teelingirl7 says:

i love monograms & anything preppy, & am also very crafty. i love the idea of starting a business to sell monogram stickers & am sure i could sell many at my very trendy, but very preppy high school. i want to start off how you did with basic stickers, but did research and am not sure what type of blank stickers to buy or what computer program to use. any guidance would be helpful!! thank you 🙂

Rachel Mackenzie says:

I feel like we have so much in common! I got a cricut for Christmas a couple years ago and also have a little monogram biz 🙂 I am starting college this year also!!

Dawn Walker says:

How do u sell the items on Instagram and how did u learn to make the monograms and what program do u use

Levy says:

I legit turned 13 two days ago

Katie Forrest says:

Love you and your videos they help me stay true to myself. ❤️

Barracon says:

Make another mukbang with your sister!

T. Michelle says:

Your hair ?

Katherine Lomas says:

This video was really helpful!

Hanna Doss says:

Love love loved this video!! I actually received a cricut two years ago for Christmas. I started out just making decals for close family and friends and my business just evolved from there! Where do you purchase your vinyl in bulk? I typically purchase from expressionsvinyl, however, I'm looking for other options!

Alejandra Mora Music says:

These were good tips for starting any business. Good job 🙂

aluxx says:

where do you buy your cups and jars ? i do monograms but i would like to buy products in bulk to monogram them

Zyion Shannon says:

More car vlogs would be cool

Jewel Dye says:

I love your videos!!! and your relationship with God and your family ?

Kelly Hoffman says:

They're all so pretty! Ily ?

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