How Jordan Made $1,200 His FIRST MONTH AFFILIATE MARKETING (Strategies Revealed)

How Jordan Made $1,200 His FIRST MONTH AFFILIATE MARKETING (Strategies Revealed)

In this video we reveal the strategies Jordan Kilgour used to make $1,200 his first month affiliate marketing.

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Jordan Kilgour says:

I really enjoyed doing this interview with you Ryan! There are so many opportunities for everyone to build an income stream that is semi-passive in Affiliate Marketing. A lot of good points were made and questions answered here for anyone looking to get started!

Hector Silva says:

This channel deserves more subs

Robbie Hasinbiller says:

Is there any other costs with doing your affiliate marketing course? Ex: Are you paying for traffic or is it natural?

Matt F says:

More of these please

starbery911 says:

Damn keep coming in third need to be first again

oscar moraga says:

Affiliate Master ?

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