How To Be A Productive Stay-At-Home-Mom Collab (Mom of TWO)

How To Be A Productive Stay-At-Home-Mom Collab (Mom of TWO)

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! In this video I am collaborating with Patricia Keele and Lihau(Lulebelle), to share with you five tips on how we stay productive as stay-at-mom-mom’s. I hope you find these tips helpful. Please feel free to comment down below tips you do that make you productive as a SAHM.

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Thank you so much to Patricia and Lihau for collaborating on this video!

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The Healthy Hippie Mama says:

Great video
What are some of your favorite songs?

D Webb says:

thank you for the valuable tips!! heard about this collab from Patricia's channel 🙂

ZAP family TV says:

New to your channel! great tips! I have two children, seven and three years old, and I understand how busy it can be! We subbed!


Yayy! new from Patricia's channel! xoxo

H K says:

Hi! I just found your channel 🙂 What do you think of home-educating children? x

TheChoreans says:

hello, Leyvi. just discovered your channel and subscribed. love all of these tips you shared to stay productive and stress-free. I'm a SAHM with a 5 month old baby boy. I love setting daily/weekly/monthly cleaning goals. today is actually laundry day so I'm currently working on the 3rd batch =D


These are some great tips, a cleaning schedule is important (I'm currently working on one). #ytmm

SlowFashionMom says:

Really love these tips!! Especially the tip about taking "me time" and doing things you love to recharge!! Also, I'd love to start a cleaning routine and meal planning, great ideas thank you!!

California Mom says:

Stopping by from Patricia's channel 😉 Great tips!

Lulewbelle says:

YEEEESSSS!!! Sleep!!!!! Agreed! I definitely need to start getting ready in the mornings too. It is amazing how good you feel when you actually "get ready." I really need to get on your routine level! One day…one day. Love this!!! Thanks for collabing with me!!! PS you are gorgeous!

Style Mom XO says:

Great tips!

Gentle Thrifty Mama says:

Love the music tip! I've heard of people playing the same playlist during morning routine.

Faith Mom Life says:

Hi from Patricia's channel?? great tips!

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