How To Be A Stay At Home Mom

How To Be A Stay At Home Mom

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How To Be A Stay At Home Mom

In today’s show, we’ll be discussing how to be a stay at home mom, Many people believe that it isn’t possible for one spouse to stay home with the family and live on one income these days, but that’s not true. If you want to be a stay at home mom, you can do it. Join us for tips to make it happen and some things to be aware of if you’re weighing your options.

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Laura Living The Life says:

One TERRIFIC video! I have the same beliefs. I raised three kids being a stay at home mom, especially having Cfs and obstructive sleep apnea which I never knew what was going on with me or I had until several years ago. But I never believed in putting my kids in a sitters hands or daycare. I did try working a few times but was only a few months here and there because I could not leave the kids. The only sitters were my family and I actually became the family sitter so it helped me make a few dollars. We vary rarely never did vacations either. My kids had to buy and pay for their own pay phones and service but they were not aloud to have them till after 16 and they all grew up having chores. The last one at home is my son who graduated this year knows how to do everything from cooking, laundry, paying bills, makes his own money. A true common sense way to teach and bring your children up is lost on a lot of families. I believe it is a parents job to teach their child from very young how to be independent. You both are a much needed voice on YouTube to inspire parents to be responsible and to stop using excuses. It's all a matter of making your needs a priority over your wants to do the best for your child's well being and be able to handle their life once they leave the nest.

Julia Snider says:

Thumbs up 🙂 I can hear! Sorry can never catch the live shows 🙁

mrsreynolds11 says:

I want to order your book and I wander which one you suggest the main book

Maggie and Emily's Place says:

yes I totally agree with you on sacrificing. I'm 24 with three kids and we live on one income. we don't go on vacations and have a tight budget but for us it's not worth it for me to work and put our kids in daycare. 🙂

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