How to Become a Resume Writer with Talent Inc.

How to Become a Resume Writer with Talent Inc.

Many writers who break out into freelance roles limit themselves to writing for newspapers, magazines, and similar publications. But the jobs available for writers are HUGE and span across many different niches. And, thanks to the internet it’s become easier and easier to find these type of jobs.

One often over looked job is writing resumes.

The still-tough economy means that having a clean, concise and well written resume is of utmost importance for job-seekers. This also means that good resume writers are in-demand!

If you think this type of job might be a good fit for you here’s how to become a resume writer with Talent Inc.

Who is Talent Inc.?

Talent Inc. was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of a former Universum Global Company. The company is dedicated to helping individuals with their personal brands.

They employ around 500 professional writers and own two resume writing companies: TopResume and CV Now.

The Skills You Need to Qualify

If you want to work as a resume writer for Talent Inc. and its other brands there are a set of skills  you must have.

Required Experience:

  • You must have writing experience in human resources, recruitment or an associated field
  • You need to be proficient in Microsoft Word (And own a copy of Microsoft Word)

Required Skills:

  • Excellent with customer support
  • Have outstanding writing and editing skills
  • A desire to learn
  • A positive attitude
  • The ability to abide by strict deadlines and work under pressure

Pay and Hours for Resume Writers at Talent Inc

When you work for Talent, Inc. there are no set hours. Instead you work on a per-project basis with tight deadlines.  You’ll be writing resumes, CV’s and LinkedIn Profiles.

According to GlassDoor the pay is around $19-$21 per hour. However, I’ve found many conflicting reviews. It appears that the pay for each individual resume is $18 – $25 per project. Therefore the hourly rate you earn will be dependent upon how quickly you can complete an individual project.

While some (usually more experienced writers) might earn $19-$21 per hour others report their hourly wage only amounts to around $7.

It’s also important to note that you’re hired as an independent contractor when you work with Talent Inc. so you will be responsible for paying your own taxes.

How to Put in an Application

You can view the available Talent Inc. jobs here. From this list you can select “resume writer” or check out any of the other positions you may be interested in. (Most other positions are not work from home.) You’ll then be able to submit your application online.

Other Ways to Earn Money Writing

If you’re looking for other ways to make a living writing I recommend writing for online publications or blogs. I have a blog post here that breaks down my step-by-step process for finding freelance writing jobs.

If you’re looking for even more help building a solid freelance writing career I recommend taking a look at Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing Course. Holly is a freelance superstar earning more than $200k per year from writing!

You can also check out this post for a big list of work from home jobs (writing related and not.)

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