How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel With These Clickfunnels Funnel Hacks In 30 Minutes

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel With These Clickfunnels Funnel Hacks In 30 Minutes

How to build an affiliate marketing funnel :

Full step-by-step tutorial written out with screenshots at the link above!

In this video I build out a real life affiliate marketing funnel in Clickfunnels for an affiliate product and it takes me about 30 minutes…

Due to bugs in their software, their exorbitant price and support issues, I can no longer recommend ClickFunnels… This video explains more:

Watch this video below instead to learn how to build this funnel out in WordPress for 1/10 the price of clickfunnels!!!!

I recommend this system to build the funnel in WordPress instead

The good news is that either way, the process is pretty much the same… And you can save up to $3,000/year with the wordpress funnel mentioned above.

This is high speed Funnel Hacking in progress!

If you are wondering how does affiliate marketing work… I recommend you start with this video:

You can watch as I cover the process, step by step and show you exactly how to create the email list, connect the list to your funnel and how to create both pages needed for this simple affiliate marketing funnel.

Now if you still don’t fully get what an affiliate marketing funnel is and you want the video that covers this affiliate marketing funnel from the theory side of things, watch this video:

If you missed the video that covers the marketing funnel from an overview perspective, to understand ‘why’ we are building it this way, watch this video next:

Affiliate marketing is all about shifting your energy and perspective from one who is a consumer to one who is a creator. This is a great way for you to learn how to make money online!

To shift out of ‘research’ and stop buying ebooks on ‘how to make money online’ is the biggest trick and you need to shift into action.

This video reveals the specific actions you need to take in order to start affiliate marketing the right way.

The ‘right way’ means that you are building an email list and making affiliate sales at the same time. Because the list is your biggest asset for your online business, while the affiliate sales will help you grow your marketing budget so you can advertise and get more email subscribers and more sales.

This is a simple overview, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. This is an extremely powerful technique that can create real side income and even be scaled to create a full time income.

In future videos we will look at more funnel hacks and analyze some more advanced funnels that are more relevant to product creators….

But, if you are still trying to figure out how to make money online, this is the best starting point!

Are you loving geeking out on funnels and marketing? Getting started and learning how to use Clickfunnels? Check out this playlist for more awesome marketing funnels:

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b Burns says:

So for the funnel you need to create your own website? What would you put on it?

raymond joseph says:

Hi Miles , Thanks much for this info! I the novice of novices, so this is really helpful. I have set up my funnel in clickfunnels, & use Aweber, as you reccommended. I bought my domain name from Godaddy. i noticed that both Godaddy & aweber offer to host optin funnels. Would you reccommend i go this route?

Beauty Essentials says:

Hi Miles do you normally create and add "freebies" on top of the free video for affiliate offers or this is all you do?

Steve O says:

Great video thanks. If you set up an affiliate and drive traffic to it (I'm thinking more Facebook here) wouldn't you need to set up a business page with content for that affiliate also? Or can you FB advertise without it? Im not looking to develop that side of things if possible, or is it vital?

Whats your recommendations on where / how to advertise with affiliate marketing? Thanks again Miles

Valdu Ramma says:

Thanks Miles. Just wanted to ask, so as an affiliate, all I need is (if money is no object that is!) clickfunnels and aweber for my optin page ,thank u page and sales page(click funnels)and subscribers emails(Aweber), right?

Jacqueline Scott says:

you need to be reqistered with aweber to get the auto responder or squeeze pages?

Jacqueline Scott says:

where do we buy the squeeze pages?
Need to start at the beginning, I know, Your direction is appreciated

Anthony LaVacca says:

Miles, The light bulb just went on!!!!!!
Is All of this about selling a product or selling a mailing list.
I just went on facebook and looked at a dental site to make you practice more profitable. And BAM
Dental ads started to pop UP. How do I solicited companies to partner with me to have pop up, pop up on someone's page that is similar to the topic. Or if i redirect them to an information lead generation page. How is there a partnership to get a commission is they purchase a product.
I guess it cold be about selling the product OR is it about the generation of larger leads for larger companies

Ryan Donohue says:

Hey Miles, thanks so much for this super in-depth video! I have a question for you: How do you get people to the first landing page? Could you do a video on your current Facebook/Instagram copywrite and ads that work well? Thanks

Martin Hobelman says:

Hey Miles, thanks for answering our questions – I created a website before I discovered your content. My blog is currently on a Wix site and I saw your other video about creating a WordPress site with Thrive theme. Will my blog be negatively effected if I remain on Wix?

Andrey Seas says:

Hey Miles! Great video. For those that are new to affiliate marketing, do you recommend clickbank over being an affiliate for clickfunnels? Thanks for all your great content.

Nik Marketer says:

Hello Miles

It's one of the best video presentations on how to build a sequential promotion page I have seen so far. What traffic sources you use to your product pages?
Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day.

Nigel Richards says:

Hi everyone, can somebody link me to the previous video Miles mentioned please, thanks.

velious2121 says:

How does he make any money after the cost of marketing? I don't understand… clickfunnels alone is $100/mo.

Marco313 says:

How did you get your email list so high?

Jared Levenson says:

Miles, thanks. Your content is amazing. I am a fan, and love how you always use audience insights for Tony Robbins (I like Tony as well).

I've had a question for a long time, perhaps you'll be able to answer or point out resources to learn the answer. Why 2 pages before the report instead of just 1? It seems like an unnecessary step – and god forbid extraneous steps in sales funnels!

Currently they go to optin page and then to a video page with yourself AND THEN to the product page. Why not just condense the optin page with the video page? By condensing 2 pages into 1 (and putting intro video along with optin) seems like there would less fallout from the funnel.

KarEve van says:

Hi! Do I need a website if I just want to promote a clickbank link?

James Hastings- Entrepreneur says:

I'm glad you aren't using dog training as an example! LOL!

All About Energy says:

Thing is, the content in progs such as diabetes cure is almost always total garbage. I know an old lady who spent a fortune on offers such as these and I check the content only to see its copy and paste trash pulled from the Internet… then selling miracle supplements which don't work

Das Properties says:

thank you miles, I just joint click funnel and click bank, my auto responder is get response, do you offer some hands on training, I like to build few funnels with you to make sure I do it right.

William Wright says:

Is it necessary to have your own website, or can do this click bank, aweber, clickfunnels with out it?

Alan Decker says:

Thanks for the video great information that is actually usable…

Martin Gonzales says:

Hi miles ,I'm in process of my first funnel ,but it don't work and one more question, how do I get it in Facebook thank you again.

Meliss Jakubovic says:

Can you show this on mailchimp?

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