How To Create Your First Affiliate Marketing Website

How To Create Your First Affiliate Marketing Website

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How To Create Your First Affiliate Marketing Website

Creating your first affiliate marketing website doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you’ve never created a website before, it can seem intimidating. Do you hire someone to build the site for you? Do you use one of the “drag and drop” website builders out there? Should you learn computer code? Is a WordPress website better than other web building platforms out there? These are just a few of the questions that are probably running through your head.

Well, let’s take some of the guesswork out. I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer for several years now and each year my business grows and grows through residual income. I live and work literally wherever I want, when I want, as long as I want, and I do not sell any of my own products. How awesome is that?!

Before we get into this, make sure you understand….


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Franck Duliepre says:

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Pak Dost UK says:

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XZeeno says:

Helpful Tips Before Starting An Affiliated Market Website

InDroVidual says:

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Ant hegone says:

What is your conversion rate? Amazon is 24 hours only and I've found it difficult to get sales. Clicks yes but sales no. Granted I was using a Blogger site rather than my own Please tell us how to convert clicks into sales, thanks.


Another wasteman trying to sell his own shit smh, why not follow your own advice and provide us value before offering us your product?

Reid Fluegel says:

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Ingrid Cox says:

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Sydni Crow says:

You should rename your video. This didn't tell me "how to create" anything. It only told me how to purchase your product. Consider renaming.

Robert Horak says:

It doesn't explain ho to make a website. Do you need special software to make a website?

Marc Hieriem says:

I am very glad to have come across your web sight and hope your training will help me.

bill xx says:

A couple of questions….

Can an affiliate site as far as look and format of the website, look almost identical to the source site, i.e. Amazon, etc…..

Can you host affiliate links to different sites, that may be in competition with each other, i.e. coke and Pepsi?

Do you use other things in combination with affiliate marketing on your websites to get traffic?
For example, do you use private label rights to write blogs or put together books or artifles on dog food?
I look forward to your response.


VivaLaBam says:

Thank you very much for this. You explained things in a way that cleared up a lot of my questions!

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