How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Facebook Advertising, The Right Way! Mess This Up & You Fail

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Facebook Advertising, The Right Way! Mess This Up & You Fail

Having troubles making money with affiliate marketing running Facebook ads? This video holds the super affiliate secret to success!

How to build a funnel video series is here:

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Honoring the relationship you create with every single subscriber is so key to success with Facebook ads and affiliate marketing.

You may think that linking someone from a Facebook advertisement to your affiliate link for a Clickbank product is a ‘short cut’ bit you are setting yourself up for failure.

I know… Because I made this costly affiliate marketing rookie mistake years ago.

I’m trying to help you learn from my mistakes and show you the right way to do affiliate marketing with Facebook!



Cory Fowler says:

Hey Miles,
I have watched your journey for roughly the last 7 months since you committed to posting valuable content daily. Your channel is solid proof that hard work, dedication, and providing value can go a long way. I saw you go from just shy of 1000 subs at the end of 2016 to almost breaking 20k 6 months later in a competitive niche. It's awesome and motivating to see, thanks!

Alex Cipriani Travel says:

Love your content ! Great as always ! Thanks 🙂

Lionbeard says:

You're the real deal, Miles. Congratulations on your success – from the List Grow program to now forging your own path as an influencer. Really great video.

Keith Chegwin says:

Hi Miles, love your content it's been really helpful. I do have one question.. What do you look like without a cap?
KC x

mark job says:

I have just come across your channel and I must say wow !!!! the affiliate marketing funnels wow !!!! simple !!! so bloody simple !!! I love WordPress, work with it everyday so these next few days I will be getting some funnels up !!! you are THE MAN !!

Martin Gonzales says:

Hi miles very helpful like always ,I got a question in my niche I got in opportunity to go to a convention, just to look or promote my self but I have no clue how to promote my self in a booth what would I need can u point me to the right direction for research it would be a great opportunity to reach more people .
Thank you for your time

Spoderman says:

This guy is the real deal.

Diane Lang Wisdom of the Akashics says:

Awesome and so timely as we are just about to start doing our first affiliate product and Facebook ad campaign.

I would love to know your opinion on what to look for in a good affiliate product, what are good parameters, and even good affiliate platforms

A video perhaps ???

Top notch as per usual Miles. ?

Zsolt Kacso says:

Miles, this is exactly what I needed right now. Was about to direct link 🙂

Online Marketing Essentials says:

Miles, how do you manage to keep your titles so long! lol! youtube keeps limiting my title length and i have to get short and to the point, sometimes at the cost of useful information.

Franklin Hatchett says:

The internet lifestyle is a beautiful thing, this video reminds me of where I go camping when I go trout fishing.

John M says:

Miles, Great message as always. I will follow you everywhere and keep learning. You travel from Hawaii to Kiwi land and now you're in the forest. Even more amazing is the incredible lighting you get in your video. Major studios would spend a whole day trying to get lighting like that but could not do it even with grips and light stands and generators.

If you're using an iPhone it's even more amazing because you've got it to focus on you with perfect lighting. You're probably not toting reflectors and stands with you because you're a mobile kind of couple you and Melanie. Anyway I'm impressed as always not only with your incredible knowledge but how are you can get such a great video image backlit in a forest probably in early morning.

Rein Duw says:

I would like to learn affiliated marketing I've already been doing Facebook ads

D Mos says:

Miles you're the best, man.I hate watching the other guys and they leave you hanging unless you buy their stuff. Your videos are very helpful and your generosity is very much appreciated. Dope mod to your jeep on IG! I want one

Diana Moreno says:

Hi Miles!  I really enjoy your videos and learn a lot.  I am new to affiliate marketing and your videos are very helpful.  I will continue to be a fan!  Thanks for your time!!

Ari Eko Prasethio says:

great videos… thanks kuddos…

Ícaro Melo says:

Hi Miles, here in Brazil we focus on sending peolple direct to link in most of campaings, but I realized that I need to know how to create a list and work better with funnels.
I made some tests bust I still working wrong…. I'll see your videos about ir and try again…

Thanks for the video

MarkandPaula Lifestylesoffortunes says:

Awesomeness !!

ikeshia1981 says:

do u know where to get email templates for autoresponder series? i am an affiliate marketer in the online marketing and weight loss niche

Paul Giannoulis says:

Miles, you are the best Man.

A Luna says:

Hey Miles. Thank you so much for sharing!

Fabio Carolo says:

you are a nice guy, but after watching many videos and your income claims never see any live results with browser refresh…would be nice..thx man

Spoderman says:

Some CPA networks DO NOT allow incentives with your advertising. Be careful. Goodluck everyone!

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