How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing – $21,000 Profit In 11 Days

How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing – $21,000 Profit In 11 Days

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In this video I give a basic overview on how to get started into affiliate marketing and an update on my affiliate marketing profits 11 days in.

Affiliate marketing can be a great source of income as its not time consuming and after a marketing strategy is placed, it can be pretty automatic!

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Ryan Baeza says:

I was afraid to pull the trigger on davids fba course up until I found your YouTube channel. The successes you've attained recently through your hard work and determination has inspired me so much. All I can say is thank you and keep up the good work! I will be continuing to follow you and look up to you as a mentor. ???

SimpleFiction says:

Hey, how did you manage to get the high end car rental company to give you an affiliate code? what did you say to them?


Glad to See your progress brotha!!GOOD JOB!

Bill Mitseff says:

Hey what's up James?!? Pretty much been a follower since day one. Yes, I think a video on growing an IG account would be super beneficial. Thanks!

Craig Poling says:

Thanks for all the great content and the coaching call contests!

Kyle Koschel says:

Your videos are the best! Thank you for all the knowledge you give

Dez & Jeff Adventures says:

Hey man! Love your content and I would love to talk with you??

Purple Love says:

Great video,I would really appreciate coaching

Harvy says:


Jackson Armstrong says:

Love the giveaways james! Channel is growing like crazy and your killing it! ????

Tyrone Savino says:

Keep giving value.

Forged Iron Fitness says:

Bro keep killing it!

Hayden Harris says:

It's been awesome following you man. So cool to discover the multiple ways to make a living online. Excited to gain some traction with what I've learned from you!


You rock!!! Been waiting for this vid!!! DO you have to have a blog, can you basics ally do a simple article and place it in you "NICHE" groups or just run it on Instagram

Extra Small Doll says:

So killer! I'd love to have a chat. ?

Clennon Mickey says:

My product is on its way to me and I'm searching for second product, I would love some info on how I can start affiliate marketing to fund my second product. As always your videos are amazing!

malikbroussard says:

Thanks James great job

Johnathan Alvarez says:

I'm 16 and very interested in affiliate marketing and real estate in order to pay for my college tuition and ultimately move to Hawaii, this 30 minute session would mean the world to me! Subscribe to Generation Meditation- Meditative Youth to see what's happening with my channel! 🙂

Milly Vanilly says:

Awesome video!

Frenyery Taveras says:

thanks for this video !!!!

Fair Less says:

So humble and honest, thank you so much!!!

Alan Guan says:

Astonsihing! I would love a 30min coaching call

jose orta says:

Have you started any products with kevin's product research module?

jose orta says:

Awesome content!!

James West says:

Now you have seen the potential for affiliate marketing are you still going to carry on with FBA after you have done the research you were talking about in your previous videos? Keep up up the great work!!!

Jonnathan R says:

Let's go!!!!!!!

Kevin Jacob Moore says:

So direct, great stuff

Dail Perry says:

I'm ready to LEARN!!!

Austin Biggs says:

thanks for all the value man!

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