How to Make $1,000,000 Online With a Crappy 1 Page Affiliate Site

How to Make $1,000,000 Online With a Crappy 1 Page Affiliate Site

In this video, I show you how to make a million dollars online with a crappy one page squeeze page and mailing list follow up sequence strategy. If you are serious about pulling in $20,000/m or more from affiliate income, you need to eventually progress to building your own email list and squeeze page. This video shows the strategy



Building Dreams Club says:

Very valuable content

gilda thompson says:

should i have autoresponder, wordpress, website first before i get started.

Haris Ahmed says:

Hello, If you want any kind of WordPress website, you can grab from here in just $5.

Quan Quinn says:

Hey I have an affiliate website what's the link to create email list and stuff

Old chzy says:

Could you make a video about split testing?

Vasillos says:

I don't have a credit card, how do i make purchases or where does my money get sent ? Please respond ASAP and thanks.

Gabe Johansson says:

Awesome strategy. I've been using this strategy for the sole purpose of growing my audience and it's been working pretty well. Maybe I'll be able to make some money too if I sell something lol

Trevor Jones says:

Good stuff Dan. Looking forward to the new program in September:)

Book City Incorporated says:

A new program?!? You know I'm in!

Bartu Preneur says:

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Richard Chambers says:

Hey Dan, what video software did you use to make this video?

Velair says:

How to make $XXXX online.

Answer: Email Marketing

munish piplani says:

In your sequeez page it says will send report to your email what we can send out instantly to those who signup on our website.

Rondogz says:

thanks i'm a millionaire now

Eric Choi says:

I do not speak English.
Can I do it?

playarabbit says:

I'm looking into it, I'm doing good on fiverr but I'm ready to do a lot more with Affiliate Marketing

Build Grow Scale Online says:

What some top internet Gurus explain in 2 hours – you made it simple – just 10 mins and 5 sec. Amazing value because time is money. Now I can spend the rest of 170 minutes building this systems.

Work To Invest says:

I like your videos – keep up the good work.

chun kit lee says:

What content should I put in the email as I am not a profession in weigh loss niche?What should I do if they ask for something in the email sequence as I am not profession in this niche?

David Poff says:

Hi Dan, love your channel! Quick question: when building your FB ads to attract leads to, let's say, the six pack ab niche squeeze page, how would you target that ad? Keep the interests of the target audience simple?

Lazy Madafaka Stupid Deadbeat Super Affiliate says:

Do it for me Im too lazy… Then send my money to my Paypal account: stupid-deadbeat-affiliate@gmail. com


Sterling King says:

Dan's back! Man I love the elevator music! Crying. Just made my first affiliate website using your videos. Thanks so much for your content.

Eastward Ape says:

Dan I m not able to make account on clickbank
it is showing me a message like ' thank you for your interest in clickbank'

can u please tell me how to get rid from this problem

and yeah you are doing really great man
I told many people about your channel

I am the real Flash says:

Just pulled this off a website about squeeze pages.."“interrupted” “distracted” “annoyed”I’m a website designer, but I’m a user too. Squeeze pages are aggravating and off-putting. And that bad taste transfers from the squeeze to the website itself. Let me read your website without getting in my face. Let me take the time to build a relationship with you because I value your content. Stop being so rude!Squeeze pages are the new pop-ups and quite as unpleasant as the originals.Pop-up blocker, anyone? I would say I have to agree… to each his own.Another web designer says "I spend as little time as possible on websites with squeeze pages. I hate them and will NOT subject my customers to them on my own websites. Obnoxious advertising is, well, obnoxious. Just because a squeeze page is possible does not mean it is a good idea to make one. Sort of the 2015 version of 1990’s blinking gifs. Awful then, awful now.

Wex says:

What if doubts keep me from starting? I've been watching your videos a few weeks now, but for some reason the "too good to be true" thing paralyzes me from actually starting in affiliate marketing. I feel confused.

Matthew Neer says:

Thank you Dan, I am rich now 😛

Numpty says:

oh my god, I can't believe people actually believe this idiot, he's the biggest scam artist going…. jesus

Jovica Janjic says:

You are worse and worse with every new video.


i made a wordpress website what to do next please help

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