How To Make $12,800 in 8 Days With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $12,800 in 8 Days With Affiliate Marketing

Having an email list is by far THE best way to make a HUGE amount of money in a very short time.

But how to you build that list to start with? what traffic source do you use?

Everything is explained inside this video… I hope you enjoy the view 😉



Moira Slate says:

The vid was extra good today thanks so much. In another vid could you tell how to use seo as a traffic source?

Tim Fleming says:

Stop with all the Bragging crap ! Just show us how to do it? Nobody cares how much you earn, just show us, DUH


Sir my English is very week how to make a video for affiliate marketing please help me I am from india



Nice video … Sir you use Facebook ads please make video about ad


PassiveIncomeMethods says:

Brilliant insights Jono.

al tar says:

Good sound man! Do it same way for launches..

Antonio Matos says:

Hey Jono thank you for sharing you are always providing great videos.

william ballard says:

Offer, traffic, auto responder..and cash invested to start should just be for the traffic and auto responder but a good ROI with 20-30 easy.🤔 Did I understand this?

Marcel Heiniger says:

Hey Jono, looks like you are in the North of Bali, I live in Lovina

Pejman Maghsoudian says:

Thanks for your great video.

Susan Lamb says:

Hey Jono, thanks for this great info, gives me hope, just got a new blog, and hopefully will get some subscribers, Lovely place you guys are at 🙂 hi to CeCe

Jamie G says:

Thanks Jono! This is great training. I will be in Bali in June…Might add this to my list of places to stay!

DreamBIG Affiliates says:

Cranking out the tutorials from a pool in Bali – you are winning at life Jono! Cheers for the vid, useful as always

Second Chance Millionaires says:

🔥🔥Long term sustainable business growth is maintainable with the proper email marketing campaign. I know from experience when my Facebook account got shut down. When that happened I essentially had to start all over. But yet here I am taking massive ACTION ! Thanks for the reaffirmation of the efforts 🔥🔥

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