How To Make $2,000 With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $2,000 With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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How To Make $2,000 With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In this episode I break down a single blog post that made us close to $2,000! We did it by doing a top 5 review post of products we found on Amazon. What I really like about Amazon Affiliate Marketing is that it’s mostly passive income once you set it up. Even if you’re a beginner, you can likely figure out how to set up a blog. I’ve even got a few tutorials on my channel. You might also want to check out my other videos on like how to make money as a broke 16 year old or how to make $100 as a kid per day. Enjoy!


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Mick Foley says:

Really awesome content ? would you recommend buying targeted traffic?

Rosemary West says:

I just subscribed..u are awesome

Adam Jackson says:

I want to start a website and sell things but how can I avoid copyright infringement? It's products from a big movie. How can I find pictures and get permission?

Gopal S says:

Hey James, i request you to make a day by day affiliate marketing video from scratch to $1000. And with the sales and earning

JachPriboi says:

nice work mate

cas818028 says:

I fucking love this kid

Fight Box says:

i Have SubScribe , PLease Make More Affiliate Marketing Videos And Blog SEO , Please Sir

Andrew Jacoby II says:

How do you then promote said blog post(s)?

From both income perspective where you keep blog ?
From I'm going to cash out and sell said blog for one time payday ?

Lori LCE says:

I subscribed

RB channel says:

I subscribed

Doug Brewington says:

I am trying to get my page ranked to #1. Who was the cyber girl you talked about in 1 of your other videos. I tried to find her and re watch the videos but there are so many that I have seen. Any help is appreciated.

Tom Fredrick says:

Dude!! You've never responded to my comment for subscription.

Doug Brewington says:

I've Subscribed, defiantly would like to talk more about 1 of your other videos… How To Make $1000 FAST! [If You’re Dead BROKE] This was defiantly a awesome way to make money fast.

marcello1821 says:

Thank you for your time bro nice video

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