How to make an Income as a Stay at Home Mom

How to make an Income as a Stay at Home Mom

Here I talk with Entrepreneur Kristy Hawkins who owns two home businesses. We share ideas on how you can make income being a stay at home mom! we have some amazing advice and ideas of businesses that really work. Kristy shares about her soap business and her day care business.

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Jady A

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veronica cumplido says:

Im also intrested to know how to make an extra income from blogging

veronica cumplido says:

Im i terested to know if youtube is a good source of extra money.. could you maybe do a video on that to see if ithers get inspired to make a youtube channel?? Thanks!

Mary Gutierrez says:

If you have any questions I would love to answer them. Though I bet someone has already been sharing with you about the business .

Mary Gutierrez says:

Jady! I do doTERRA and I love it

cece h says:

I sooo appreciate this vid. i see quite a few similarities with mysrlf and Kristy. i have 3 and one on the way (congrats on your fourth as well Jady). i started a soap and skin/hair care business really because i wanted to ensure the products i was using on my kids and myself were the best all natural and of the highest quality and then i thought there was so much potential to do more than make a few bars every so often. there is some real opportunity for creative expression in that. she is so awesome for being able to go into childcare as well. i dont know about the childcare option for myself but i have been wanting to venture into a second business for more income but also my husband and i can both do and free up his time from a 9-5 as well. most high bless you all and keep up the awesome videos.

olubunmi Adedara says:

Super inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Just subscribed to Kristy's channel.

mango coco says:

Can you please make a video of how to monetize a YouTube video???

Healing Magic says:

88888 subscribers!!!

Family Bliss says:

amazing moms, thanks for sharing your tips๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Bless Dan says:

Thanks sister Jady… you have encouraged me a lot to be a proverbs 31 women you are a blessing to me and my family
I am thinking of a home business
do u have a good resource on how to start a home business

Tay Jen says:

Thank you for this video! i feel like i always start off with that! lol! i really needed to hear this! I will go check out Kristy's channel! i was thinking about selling my own whipped shea butter but not sure where/how to start. Thanks ladies!

Andrea Obeng-Appiah says:

Thanks for sharing ladies. So true about the point Kristy made about the financial pressures which take effect on marriage. Especially with many stay at home mamas. My husband's job is quite demanding and he is ultimately carrying the financial weight at the moment. So I feel a little guilty most times for not working outside the home full time like him. We even hire baby sitters and cleaners to help manage in keeping our home in order. I've quickly learnt that managing a home is like running a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) . When I worked outside the home, although it was only part-time, found it a challenge keeping up with home duties as well. Hence, why we hired a part-time cleaner and stay-in nanny/au pair. Taking care of my two sons myself is my ideal desire. Especially as my oldest son has mild autism. I was working as a local pre school teacher, in 2017 so we was on holiday /term break the same time. However, once my contract ended, was done with people looking down on me because I wasn't working for a recognized company or respected job. The irony was whilst working, felt unfulfilled with the life I was in. Leaving my kids for someone else to raise was not on my original mom to-do list. Working working like a hamster on a hamster wheel. I'm currently not working for anyone, so I'm definitely working on some stuff. I believe the Lord has put in my heart to be self employed. Its nice to see women breaking barriers around our roles in society. Bless

carolm2008 says:

Virtuous women! โค

Momma Schmooze Reviews says:

what a great inspiration! Kristy, thanks for sharing! Jady I'm glad you are sharing this topic!

The Life of Valerie Allison says:

Love this video because yes I truly believe that being a homemaker comes first but really utilizing your time wisely can make you a side income that will help your family. Cannot wait to see Kristys time management video. Also idk if you check them Jady I sent you a message on IG. Idk if thats the best way to reach out. ๐Ÿ’•

justjocelyne says:

Good video!
I will say that the Lularoe person you linked was making that kind of money based on people joining under her. Now that they have changed there compensation plan to not fall under a pyramid scheme thats not the type of money you would be making from your downline.
Other than that loved the ideas!

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