How To Make Money On A Homestead – Working From Home Without Big Business

How To Make Money On A Homestead – Working From Home Without Big Business

Today Kelley and I talk about how we make money on our homestead and share some things with you that no one has ever seen or heard before.

How can you live off the grid, without a 9-5 job and still get by? How can you forgo the rat race, the busy streets and bosses telling you how to dress and what to do and MOST IMPORTANTLY can you make ends meet without the help of big business?

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Danny's Off Grid Flat says:

awe bro and sis shared of face book and thumbs up

Ibpn says:

my brother breeds and sells meat rabbits. and because of the avian bird flu scare none of the county fairs are allowing chickens which means the local FFA students are buying up the rabbits as fast as they are weaned. cha ching.

Keeping It Dutch says:

Awesome guys, you have your guys hands in a little bit of everything that's awesome. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us and thank you for tagging me in the video. I'll be posting a response soon. Thanks guys

elkhound25 says:

great video…your videos are the brightest and most clear and crisp on youtube in my opinion.

Dean Logan says:

What are you using for the web search? If you don't mind sharing.

jmcarp98 says:

That's great that you have so many skills. I need to improve in this area.

Enlightened Eyez of Lion's Pride says:

Thanks for sharing! I heard you reference your move to Alabama the Beautiful. Awesomeness, when SHTF, me and mines are a couple clicks south of you in Elmore Co. Keep up the good n hard work friends.

Optionsaregood says:

Thanks Brad and Kelly.

Mmbohn1 says:

Thanks for sharing! I kinda figured you might be photographers from the pictures you share when you are a patreon. ?

Little Mountain Ranch says:

Hi Guys – We are working towards creating diverse income streams of income on on our homestead. We've sat down as a family and started dialogue about how we can utilize our different skills and interests and convert those into ways to support our family. Watching you guys and seeing how many different fires you have going is very inspiring and got my wheels turning. Thanks so much!!

J.C. .Foutz says:

Great video you two. Thank you.

Government IS Slavery says:

Lots of skills there and great attitude toward learning new skills. I'm sure you will adapt and overcome. Great role models.

NHWoodsider says:

How do you two separate and set aside time for all of this!? I too have many different things I'm proficient at (photography, videography, writing, writing original music and audio production, an up-coming hiking and nature channel etc.), but I'm always struggling with how to keep things organised so that I can work on all of the different types of things I want to do that will provide for my future. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks for opening up to us and stay safe out there 😀

Jeffrey Herda says:

Nice to see we have a few things in common. I'm a digital artist and a photographer. Been wanting to create a game for a long time, but haven't done the table top thing since I was 13.

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice content! Keep it up!

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