How To: Start a Business Step By Step in 2018 | Trishonnastrends

How To: Start a Business Step By Step in 2018 | Trishonnastrends

How To: Start a Business Step By Step | 5 Steps To Starting A Business| Trishonnastrends In this video you will learn the steps to start a business step by step. I get so many questions asking how I started my businesses and what advice do I have. I hope this video answers some questions you guys may have. I talk about business plans, Domain names and so much more.

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Noch Tec says:

Wow. No I said, “You’re the business…” that I would work for! Thanks for the inspiring breakdown. No matter how I hear it’s still complex & daunting but you just made it easier to digest.

Desi H says:

What are places to go for funding?

Marilyn Cruz says:

I wanted to start a smoothie business I’ve gone to them order a smoothie and watch what’s going on kind of like the tiger behind the bushes 🐯

Dayjah Reese says:

Hey iwss wondering if you can give me some advice one on one ?

Baer on 2 wheels says:

Thank you for the help and you're not kidding about the sacrifice I have sacrificed everything from love to friendships but I am a welder I love the work but my equipment is expensive

Cailynn Saulsberry says:

Wow this video was extremely helpful!!!!

Crystal bohanon-bell says:

Excellent video , very helpful. Thank you.

April Moore says:

Hello, i just wanna know how did you find a good partner?

Trendeng16 gaming says:

I’m starting a business around March or should if everything goes right I’m not sure about how to do the taxes? Would I pay someone else to do it if I kept up with everything or could I do it myself and if so how would I go about learning more on that

Tanika Greaves says:

by far the best video on this topic ever. Thank you so much

Pimpin Keith says:

What Kinda Business You Own

heygg84 says:

First time watching great video

Jenus Page-Franklin says:

Love it! Thank you!

D.J AD says:

Hello @Trishonnatrends, enjoyed your video. My bestfriend and I are interested in starting a business. However we are stuck and undecided on what we would like to do. Wondering if you had any advice on finding your gift or passion.

Riley Scott says:

You say "You guys" waaay too much…it took away from your message/video content, which in and of itself was great.

Carlos Miranda says:

I want to start a film business

Taylor Jackson says:

Im making a work out place

Valentina Buzzoni 89 says:

Thanks for the info! Subbed and liked and can't wait for more ❤

thewhat4 says:

Ghetto business planning 101

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