How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – EASY!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – EASY!

In this video, I teach how to start affiliate marketing in 2018. I share 3 easy methods to start Amazon affiliate marketing today. If you’re looking for how to make money online in 2018, this is the video for you!

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.





Andrew Onoja says:

I want to become financially Free and live a good life that's my reason.
How can I build a Amazon affiliate website using WordPress?

Julez DeJesus says:

I want to start affiliate marketing so that I can have passive income and time freedom to get back to VA to be closer to my kids. Shit happens and I was forced to move to Florida with family but I miss my kids and grandkids (they're older and have their own families. It's not like I abandoned young kids..Lol) and I really would like to get back to them. 🙏🏾

Joe Scott says:

I lost 2 jobs ive been working for years over nothing. Im 36 with a full time family. Im new to this, but i have no way out. Now im back on the west side of Chicago, where i dont want to be for obvious reasons.

Noe G says:

I want to start affiliate marketing because I need a way out poverty. I want to be set free from being broke. I want to live my life to the fullest. So please help me find a way out.

Irene Mark says:

Freedom is one of the reasons I want to start, I want to have the ability knowing I have skills to create an income and never be at the mercy of other people and be in situations where they can control whether I have a roof over my head or end up in the streets. I want to have the ability to create an income to pursue the things I always had in my heart to do and never be held back due to lack of finances and one more reason would be I would want to create an income to take care of my physical health in the areas needed.

Jane Doe says:

I'd love to start because my family means everything to me. I want to be able to say "oh I remember when" and actually have a memory we made together instead of working the rest of my life and never finding a true work-life balance.

Bubbah IV says:

Whats good ODi, i have a question for you…what did you take from college that you would say helped or "transferred" into the videos you make today. Looking back did you really need to go to school?

Kalena Reynolds says:

Great Video!! so much fire content! its AMAZING

Alvaro San Martin says:

Getting a late start. Divorced with kids so need extra income while I work that 9-5 inorder to spend more time with kids!! Thanks for great video!

Lamar Cooper says:

What’s up Odi!? I am Lamar and I am just really discovering you page. I am developing a very strong interest in affiliate marketing. I am a recent college graduate. I just graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. I love everything about health and wellness. I enjoy the concept of affiliate marketing so much, because it spells out the concept of freedom and sharing your passion. It will allow me to chase my career in becoming a fitness influencer/business owner. My current situation of working a 9-5 is not providing me with what I need make the differences in my lifestyle to inspire and teach others, but my ambition to be different and build is what keeps me going and looking for new ideas. If you choose me for the cash prize I would be beyond thankful and invest into the future, but if not I am still thankful for being exposed to these methods of work and living.

Mo K says:

I want to start with affiliate marketing because I'm just on the verge of surviving and not enough money to do nice things with me parents and I want to change that, that's why I want to start with affiliate marketing and I hate school that is also a reason why I want to start

Eduardo Manriques says:

The reason I really wanna start affiliate marketing is because it would feel amazing to live freelanced and not working in a 9-5 job. Ever since I started watching freelance videos and entrepreneurship ive been excited and motivated to change my life and I appreciate the videos you put out for us so thank you very much man and keep it up I'll keep watching man.

My bb Girl says:

Thanks ODI, i as well want to be like you earning a stable income, being free, not working a 9-5 job. I am broke, no job, that’s not a surprise, and finding a Job here is really hard.My dream is to buy a Gtr r35 and a apartment in the city! We are all in this journey, I have joined your course and hopefully I could meet you in the future and with people to discuss and talk about life and business. Thanks!

By any chance you have a discord or a group chat or some sort with like minded individuals like me, if so that would be great I would join.

Thanks and love and peace from an 18 year old from Australia! 🙂

Bhavisha Krishnaraj says:

You are great!!

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