HOW TO START AN ONLINE STORE + how i started a business at 22

HOW TO START AN ONLINE STORE + how i started a business at 22

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Here is everything you need to know about starting an online store/ starting your own business. I am 22 years old and started my own business and want to tell you everything you want to know!

I talk about:
1. What inspired me to start an online store
2. How do you start?
3. How do you find the clothes for an online store?
4. How much money do you need to start an online store?
5. How do I do the marketing for my online store?
6. What is the hardest and most rewarding part about starting an online store?

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Its JayB says:

girl bosses all 2019

Nickie Homen says:

Thank you so much for all of the valuable information! <3

Mohammed Safroon says:

How to start online business

Emma Denton says:

when are your clothes going back in stock?? I love the 70’s sweater

Victor Faria says:

how do you manufacture the clothes??

mikita beauty says:

what website do you order for wholesale, i have a shop in asian and i need a supplier thank you 😀

LUXI says:

aw I love your style it's so cute! I'm currently juggling a handmade art business & my music <3

SubliminalMessaging says:

How do you distribute/where do you keep your inventory?

Alex&Sofia says:

Omg I have the same sweater 😍

CocoIIV says:

You are such an inspiration! <3

Hakeem Bruce says:

I love your beautiful eyes and yr beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows xxxxxx

Hakeem Bruce says:

Your such beautiful pretty girl

Lisa Rubio says:

Can you make a video of shipping cost, who you ship with, the fees associated, what do you include when you ship a product (like bubble wrap, cards, thank you letters, promos, discounts). Things of that nature. Also, when choosing a wholesaler, how do you determine the quality, if you buy it and you don't like it do you just simply lose money or they let you return?

Gracelike rain says:


Hannah Mae says:

This video helped me so much.

Edgars O says:

If you value your time and don't want to listen her talk complete nonsense about herself – skip video to 4:19

bryttani sellers says:

I just got so excited to ran across your page i stay in Charlotte and it’s so great to see a #GirlBoss, so inspiring

Alanys Maldonado says:

HOUSE TOUR PLEASEE (like if agree)

lisbeth mares says:

I checked out your website and its nicely put together. The prices though…. $50 for a long sleeve knitted sweater? I'll pass.

shadow xoxo says:

Does this work if u r 11?

Christina Alexiadi says:

Did incfile do everything for you? Like registering your business in the state, permits, licenses, etc?

Desiah Gillard says:

So helpful, tysm

RecoyiaK says:

Thank you so much for sharing your tips! This video was very helpful! I also live in NC and have been wanting to start my own kids boutique so thank you for the plug lol it will really come in handy! I've been kind of procrastinating starting just because I was afraid of not handling the legal side correctly!! This video makes me excited…p.s. love your channel…super relatable! I also work fulltime and have started my own youtube channel on top of that I'm a mom! Lets make this money honey

Christina Alexiadi says:

You should do more videos on this! Or even vlogs of a day in the life working on your online store. I'm planning on starting one soon, too 🙂

Tynika Quinn says:

How long after getting your permit &’ business registered did you actually start your business?

Kayode Emmanuel Sopitan says:

Let professional website designer build your website –

royal p says:

How to get brand ambassadors

V W says:

You didn’t actually answer how much u spent to start

florence muigai says:

Total inspiration…how do you make your deliveries or how do your customers get their products?

Projects To Mansions says:

Aye Projects To Mansions!

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